Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a day!!

Today was a hectic day. We had a birthday party in the morning complete with pony rides. How cool!! But neither girl was interested. They preferred picking weeds instead. All righty then. Hmm. Abby did ride twice, HOWEVER.........the first time she didn't know what she was doing. The second time, Mommy had to walk with her. A camera note though: the battery wasn't charged so I have no pictures of the pony rides or the rest of the day. What a bummer!!

We left the party and headed straight for the school's Falll Festival. They both had fun playing the games and collecting candy. They looked so cute in their new clothes and bows. Then add the lovely vampire teeth and it's a whole new ballgame!

My cute babies!!

Lovely vampire teeth. Thanks Fall Festival!

We came home for a few hours while Alex played soccer in Columbus, GA (about an hour plus away). Thanks so much to our friends for taking him with them. Well, the game wasn't hugely successful but that's just how things work out sometimes. He came home and we headed to a Japanese Hibachi grill for a friend's birthday. She turned 13. We've known her since she was 2. Katie calls her "Mini Me" and has greatly influenced her upbringing. So sorry to her parents!!!

Once home, the kids hung out and played. Catlan joined us for dinner (brave boy!) so was around for the "aftermath". Katie pulled out the temporary tattoos and had fun. Abby's tattoo is around her belly button so not fit for public view. :-)

A tattooed Anna Grace

Abby being a Varsity baseball player (not!!)

Catlan and Abby

Lovely shot of Alex, huh??

So now everyone is in bed or close to it. I am not far behind. Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!


Michelle said...

You guys had a busy Saturday...lots of fun stuff!! I love all the pics of the kids!

My little ones LOVE to pick weeds, too! : )

Have a great Sunday, Kristin!!

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time at dinner with you all! Abby and Anna were very well-behaved, as were all the "big kids". Sorry we left before the temporary tatoos came out...
Brian,Christy, Megan & Mikey

Denise said...

Looks like tons of fun! Good thing Catlan is such a great guy with 2 little girls around!

BTW, Jenna would have totally been into the vampire teeth, Julia on the otherhand is way too girly!

Carrie said...

My kids love those tattoos! I can't think of why-I hope they grow out of it! Hey I have plenty of weeds over here-let me know when your stopping by-it's warmer in FL!