Friday, October 24, 2008

Are you lucky?

Yet another typical Friday night around our house. Maybe your house is different but I imagine we all share some of the same thrilling boring things in our lives.

Here is a run down on our night:

Dinner: We ordered pizza and ate off paper plates. Maybe not good for the environment but good for my (somewhat) calm night. Less stress, less clean up, easy night for mom.

Entertainment: During dinner, Abby headed for the bathroom. At this point, she and Katie carried on this long conversation about what she is doing in the potty, how much is she going (complete with Abby looking down into the potty to verify), and when will she be back. Yes, I know, TMI.

Musical interlude: Goofiness reigned with the singing of Taylor Swift songs during dinner. I know, no singing at the table. Somehow, no one listened tonight.

Medical intervention: After dinner, Katie insisted someone walk on her back to crack it. I missed Alex standing on her but did catch a few of Anna Grace.

Fine arts: After dinner and back cracking, the excitement turned to coloring. Strange thing was, when we looked over, Anna Grace was writing music. Yes, music. I have no idea where she learned this.

Photo segment: The girls did consent to a picture together but Alex was no where to be seen. Yes, the boy really does exist. He is just very camera reluctant. Very. Sigh.

Finale: So the little ones are now finishing their treat of gummy bears and preparing for bed (after brushing teeth really well of course!). The big kids ditched us to head to the final home football game of the season---in the cold, drizzly rain. Sound like fun to you?? Me neither. But here was their send off picture....

Upcoming events: Cleaning in preparation for company (the girls godfather and sons), two soccer games, grocery store/BJ's run, and maybe a nap if I'm lucky.

But, even as crazy, hair raising, stressful, and mind blowing as my days are, I have to say..........

Yes, I am lucky.

PS. Daddy comes home tomorrow night but we haven't told the girls. :-)


wingepr said...

Yes you are lucky. Such beautiful kids.

Good luck with the nap, take a few extra minutes for me, would you please.

Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Cute sisters picture!!!! Our boy is often missing in the pics....not too easy to get him to join in with those things! : )

Have a great week-end, Kristin!!

tarita said...

Family is wonderful! You are blessed more than lucky:) When I read others blogs I think it would be fun to sit in on their families for a while. Enjoy the weekend.

Denise said...

Your night was 10 times better than mine:
6:00 reading and answering email
6:30 Both babies poop and its a nasty mess-- details not necessary
6:50 make kids pick up living room
7:10 take 3 small children to my parents house
7:11 Julia calls from play rehearsal stating she's hungry can I bring her something to eat?
7:15-8:00 try to keep my brother's children from trampling my baby
8:00-9:00- get Julia shake from Sonic (super slow service) take it to the high school, go back to my parents house all the while entertaining my brother who's complaining about his soon to be ex-wife
9:00 tell upset children its time to go home
9:05 drag crying children to car
9:20 put babies to bed while 2 year old is pitching a fit because he wants apple juice instead of water.

Fun times.