Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Fork in the......Yard???

Katie and her boyfriend have been going out for one year now. So last night, she decided to fork his yard with 365 pink forks. Fork a yard? What is that? Well, basically you decorate a yard with forks pushed handle side down into the grass. Think tp'ing a yard. This is the new thing. Unfortunately, Katie and her friend could not get the forks to stay put. So they resorted to poking them all in prong side down. But it still made a nice effect!

She did ask permission from Catlan's mom first to be sure it was okay. :-) His mom took these pictures this morning. She had to stand on his truck to get the aerial view!

While we headed off to Mass and a church picnic (or pick-a-nick as Abby says), they were going to Stone Mountain for the day. We returned home in early afternoon to see this:

Anna Grace wanted to know why Catlan bought us flowers. :-)

So the two teens were off having a good time while the rest of us were home scrubbing bathrooms and weeding. Hmm. Who get the better end of the deal?


Carrie said...

young love! so sweet!

Denise said...

Ah, forking, yes the newest thing. Ross got us "forked" last year except he didn't know who did it. With him though there are always a host of girls to chose from. Not that he's a "player," he just seems to have lots of admirers.

Margaret Miracle said...

That is so special!!! Young love....I remember when....