Friday, October 31, 2008

Did you guess?

A few weeks ago, I posted a hint about Halloween. One girl was going to be an angel, one a devil. Did you guess right? Stay tuned to find out.

The day started off with a bang when I left work before lunch. I thought I was coming down with the dreaded stomach virus. I decided it was more of bad sausage at McDonald's this morning at breakfast time. But it took me all day to start feeling better. I got a good nap though. That helped.

The girls had fun at school in their costumes and came home completely hyped up for Halloween. I pre-ordered pizza tonight from a local place to be delivered at 6. Our friends, Brian, Christy, and Mikey were joining us for Trick or Treating. The plan was to eat, do make-up for costumes, and head out.

Well................6:20 comes and no pizza. Hmm. I called to check on it. Evidently, it was enroute. Okay. Christy told me to start the oven for frozen pizza. That would make the delivery arrive.

In the meantime, the kids started the process of preparing the costumes.

Here are Brian and Mikey putting on make-up for the zombie.

Katie doing Abby's hair

We were killing time in the kitchen waiting for our dinner while the make-up sessions were in process. Mind you, I haven't eaten most of the day now so I am hungry. The clock ticks. It is now 6:45. I am getting ready to call again when Alex yells that someone is in the driveway. Well, it had darned well better be my pizza because I am not handing out candy to a person who can drive from house to house.

Whew, it was.

Kristin and Christy

Mikey's finished costume. He also had this fake hand that moved when you pushed a button. It freaked the girls out but they sort of got used to it by the end of the evening. Not really, but they tried to be brave!

Anna Grace and Abby before trick or treating

Katie and her friend Natalie were the hair and make-up crew tonight

So we headed out into the neighborhood with a blue party cup in hand. We had to find someway to keep warm you know. Anyhow, Mikey, Anna Grace, and Abby had a great time. They returned with lots of candy.

Of course, Alex had to check it all out to see what they "couldn't eat". Hmm. Sounds rather fishy to me!

Guess the girls thought he was trying to fake them out too because the next thing I know, they are tying him up....

But the funniest thing the whole night was when we were out trick or treating. It turns out we live in a really cool neighborhood. Really cool. :-) Every couple of houses or so, the owners were handing out candy for the kiddies and adult beverages for us old people. Turns out the neighborhood Bunko group decided to do this. I am not a member since our nights are already so busy but several of my friends play. So we got the word passed to us early as to which houses to ask for a treat.

Brian and Christy said they wanted to come back again next year. :-) They will be with us for Thanksgiving. How can we top Halloween???

PS. Anna Grace was the devil; Abby was the angel. Quite fitting. :-)


art said...

The girls looked adorable!!! I like the "blue cup" idea....we may have to try that next year!!


Michelle said...

Looks fun! I am laughing because my big kids were also seeing "what the little ones could not eat" from their trick or treat bags. Good of them, huh? lol!

Happy Halloween!!

Denise said...

They both look like little angels to me. Glad you're feeling better!

I got offered an adult beverage too. I mentioned it on my blog but my SIL reads my blog and is TOTALLY against alcohol of any kind. She flipped out when a nurse taking care of Darrell suggested I drink a glass of wine to help me relax. She. Flipped. OUT!!! So while I didn't ADMIT to drinking the adult beverage in my blog, I strongly suggest that I do.

Maybe I'll come trick or treat with you all next year!

Mei Mei Journal said...

Sounds like your neighborood makes the best of the night. The girls looked great. They must have gotten a lot of attention and laughs.

NeuroMama said...

The girls looked adorable! What great costume ideas.

Teresa =) said...

LOVE the angel and devil costumes...very cute idea! Our old neighborhood was so "adult-friendly" on Halloween that Kevin used to take the wagon, not to cart the kid, but to carry his beer! Ugghhh... The neighborhood we're in now is a bit less tolerant of that stuff.

Happy Halloween!

Teresa =)