Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Era

Last night was Pre-K graduation for Abby. Considering the fact that she dislikes being in front of large groups, I wondered how she would do.

My fears were unfounded.

During the first song, I saw this….

and she continued to smile and sing the entire time.


Cap and gown time for diplomas was precious.

I just love this picture! My nephew said I need to save it and show it to her at college graduation. I just may do that.

Her teachers are the most amazingly awesome and patient people. Miss Jenn and Mrs. Pat must be since they’ve survived both my girls.

After ending the evening with cake,

we headed home to bed. Mommy was tired.

So after fifteen years of having kids in school, I can officially say……we have attended our last Pre-K graduation!

One would think I’d be sad. Or think of this as a bittersweet moment.


I was psyched!

Last year was sad with Katie graduating from high school and Anna Grace graduating from kindergarten. But this year?

Pure glee.

The kids are all growing older, becoming more independent, and turning into the people we, as parents, strive for.

But I will still be the oldest mom in their class.

Oh well.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Last Week of School

‘Tis the last week of school
and what do you hear?
The loud noises and shouts
as we all give a cheer!

The college kid is done
and home for the summer
Working long hours each day
which can be a big bummer.

But she finished freshman year
with out of sight grades.
Raise your hat off to her!
She’s got it made.

The sophomore is finished
with his thrilling year too.
Main focus was guitar
and driving our zoo.

Next goal is the license
to drive around town.
Just a few more safe days
‘til he’s out and around.

The first grader is happy
to end the school year.
So much was learned that
it’s oozing out of her ear.

She loves to read and to write
and to entertain all.
But quiet in class?
Maybe, just maybe, come fall.

Our last child leaves Pre-K....
way to make me feel old!
She’s had a great year
as I’ve clearly been told.

She’s ready for big school
and is counting the days
‘til kindergarten starts
and she heads on her way.

Last year brought changes
that made mommy cry.
But this year was better…
as I heave a big sigh.

So as summer arrives,
it’s time to sit back.
Take time to do nothing.
Go plan your attack.

Lounge in your jammies
and read a good book.
Go to the pool;
don’t take time to cook.

Do nothing but enjoy
the lazy summer days,
‘cause we know by August,
it will all be a haze.

Happy last days of school
to all of my friends.
A new year is awaiting us
right ‘round the bend!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mommy Day

Ah, Mother’s Day. The day of spoiling mom.

Uh huh.

Last year’s day was the pits. Daddy was out of town (like usual), little girls were obnoxious, and nothing seemed to go well until the big kids intervened.

My expectations were low this year considering daddy is once again out of town.

But let me just tell you how wrong I was….

I spent Saturday at Alex’s soccer game…..all by myself. The little ones stayed with Katie.

I got a pedicure…..all by myself. The little ones were home with the big ones.

All four kids were home for dinner Saturday. Wow.

Sunday morning dawned…..

I opened my eyes, checked the clock, and was surprised there were no short people in my room.

I listened and heard noises in the kitchen. Uh oh.

Took a peek and saw Alex with the girls.

Took a sniff and smelled food.

Oh my.

Alex made breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I was totally impressed.

I grabbed a nap and stayed in my jammies until almost three when…….

Katie announced she was taking me out to dinner. Another wow.

Came home from dinner to a homemade cookie cake from Alex.

Yes, we had fights, squabbles, and screaming today. But it was all overshadowed by the good things.

But the best thing today?

A picture of my four together……taken during my pedicure on Saturday as a surprise to me.

I loved this Mother’s Day.

And I love my babies…...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Rain and Me

Rain. The wet stuff that falls from the sky.

I love a rainy day when I have nothing planned other than parking myself on the couch with a book. Ah, bliss.

I don’t love a rainy day when it involves thunderstorms. Who can sleep through all that racket?

Well, this morning, storms arrived. I tossed and turned but gave up trying to sleep. I dragged my sorry self out of bed even though it was earlier than usual.

Like 5:30 versus 5:40 is a huge difference…

But I digress.

As I stood in the shower listening to the thunder, watching the lightning, and thinking, “this is probably not very safe”, I heard a noise.

A loud noise.

The security alarm was blaring.

Not just the gentle beep beep beep of warning.

The sirens were going full blast.

Oh my.

I turned off the water, grabbed a towel to cover my soapy body, and ran across the tile floor.

Yes, the tile floor.

Let’s just say that I slid most of the way.

I deactivated the alarm, started breathing again, and desperately hoped that no one woke up during the very loud, blaring siren.

I was wrong. In walked Alex carrying a sobbing Anna Grace.

Well, rats.

A lovely start to a rainy Monday.


Turns out our phone line (and DSL) went out due to the weather. Since the security alarm is hooked to the phone line, I am guessing that’s what triggered the siren. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyhow.