Friday, September 16, 2016

The Quest for Black Pants

When one finds out on Wednesday that a pair of dress black pants is needed for chorus in one week, the quest for the aforementioned pants begins.

Let's follow the trek to the city, shall we?

Exit the apartment complex via taxi to the nearest MTR station. 

Pay the necessary 70HKD fare, keeping in mind it's really only $9 USD. 

(This money thing is taking time to get used to, let me just say.)

Enter the station via escalator. (Note: to the right is the street where we were dropped off. To the left is a small mall.)

Once inside the MT R station, pull out your handy dandy Octopus card.

This card has money loaded on it for use on the MTR, city buses, school lunches, Starbucks, 7-11, McDonald's, and more. In other words, don't lose it or you lose your money. 

Guess who lost their Octopus card first? Me. Yep. Somewhere at the high school. But, I digress.

Scan the Octopus card, find your necessary train, and board. If you are lucky, you will find a seat. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride for a bit. Our journey today does not involve changing to a different line but does involve traveling past nine different stations. 

Finally arrive at your stop. 

As you exit the station, scan your Octopus card one more time for the fare to be deducted. Today's fare was about 9HKD.

Before walking too far, search the walls for the nearest maps. Locate your destination and the appropriate exit.

Exit A it is. Now, according to the map, Times Square Mall is a short distance from the station. But like most stations and malls in Hong Kong, they are connected by underground walkways. 

So as you follow the signs to Exit A, you will end up directly in the mall. 

If you enter from the street, this is what you'd see.

Destination reached. Thus begins the search for the elusive black pants. 

All possible stores on 13 floors are searched but to no avail. Seriously. 

As grumpiness ensues, it's best to stop for food. 

Once nourishment has occurred, it's time to continue the search. 

Head outdoors to find the next possible mall. After all, they are located everywhere. 

And google is an awesome thing, let me just say. 

Or, if you are sick of the whole adventure, just find the street of taxis and abort your mission. 

But, alas, that is not a choice for you today. 

Next mall located just up the street. Pants found and purchased. Guess where?

Yep, The Gap. Good grief. 

But, due to the mid-Autumn holiday today, they were on sale for only 170HKD.

In other words, $22USD. 

Mission accomplished. Now, figure out how to go home. 

Enter the closest MTR station scanning your Octopus card once again. 

Find the blue Island line with the train heading to your destination. 

Board the train, stand through several stops until seats become available, and eventually end up back where you started. 

To complete the trip home, choose between your personal driver via the red taxi or the crazy man driving the public mini-bus. 

Today's journey included the crazy man and the mini-bus. Oh heavens. 

Board the bus for the short ride home. When approaching your stop, yell at the driver.

He will stop at your complex where you walk the short distance up the hill to your building. 

And just like that, the expedition for the black pants has come to an end. 

(by the way, if you take multiple pictures of things in public, your children will accuse you of acting like a tourist)