Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So I asked both big kids for ideas for Christmas gifts. Yes, in September.

After giving me a virtual head shake, I did get some answers from one kid.

Katie told me she wants a gun.

Yep, a gun.

Now, this non-gun toting mom was none too pleased to hear this.

K: "But mom, I need one. Dad will buy it for me."

Me: "Ah, but I buy the presents."

K: "He'll do it if I ask".

Me: "If I give him the money. Which I won't."

K: "It's a law here in town that you have to have a gun if you live alone."

side note: she does not live alone!

And the hypothetical situations began.....

K: "What if someone tried to break in and I was home alone? If I had a gun, I would be okay and not kidnapped or worse."

Me: "No one is going to break into a third floor apartment."

K: "Sure they will. It's easy to pick a lock."


Me: "I am not buying you a gun."

K: "Fine, then I want a ceiling fan."

Me: "Sounds good. That I can do."

K: "You know though, if the fan started to fall from the ceiling and I had a gun, I could shoot it and save myself."

I can't win........