Friday, December 28, 2007

Tree update

The tree and other inside decorations are down. The outside things will wait until tomorrow when the rain stops. Just had to share a couple of pictures of my brilliant children dismantling the tree. :-)

Katie played "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush" when taking down the lights. I am serious! She really did!

Either Alex needs smaller pants or a tighter belt, do you think??

All four kids working together with no arguing!

The mall and a new boo-boo

Poor Abby. Last night, she was playing in Alex's room with him and a friend when next thing we knew she was screaming. Turns out she whacked her forehead and eye on the wooden part of his loft bed (no fault of anyone---just an accident). She has a lovely mark on her face which Katie has diligently been covering with make-up. She looks pitiful but has fully recovered.

The kids and I hit the mall today to use gift cards. Dave is in CA for the day (yes, just the day even though we live in GA). Anyhow, while there, we took the girls to Build-A-Bear Workshop to let them make new friends. They haven't been before so they were a bit unsure of what to expect. However, once they saw the bear and dog taking shape, they were excited. :-) The big kids are now on the guitar learning new songs (the real guitar--not the video game!) while the little ones sit here coloring in the kitchen. Got to get busy cleaning and taking down the tree. Grandma and Grandpa arrive in the morning!

Here are a few pictures from today-

Abby after her run in with Alex's loft bed. Ouch!

Anna Grace

Anna Grace and Abby with their new Build-A-Bear friends

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Abby's ears

I just took Abby to the doctor for a follow-up on her hearing. When she went in November (as per the speech therapist's recommendation), the tympanogram showed fluid in her ears. This could be the reason why her speech has been slow and sounds have been coming out "slushy". She took allergy meds for about a week, went off for a bit, then took cold meds just before Christmas. Anyhow, today's tympanogram showed completely normal hearing. There is no fluid anymore! So, her issue is likely a speech/articulation issue and not totally a medical one. Hopefully having the information stating there is no medical reason for her delay will allow us to speed her through the speech placement process.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day and the aftermath

We hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends. Our day was relatively calm considering the kids were excited. No one was awake until 7:45 so we didn't have an early morning wake up. Whew. Once everyone was sugared up on doughnuts, the present opening began. Anna Grace and Abby received a playset of cleaning toys and tools, Disney stuff, Barbies and Barbie horses, movies, clothes, and books. I don't know what Santa was thinking since within an hour, our house was strewn with little pieces of stuff. Katie's big gift was a hair straightener and Alex's was a guitar---or so they thought. They also received Guitar Hero for the PS2 and spent the remainder of the day playing the games! Katie complained of a headache later in the day. Hmm, stare at a video game all day and that's what happens! We had some good friends over for a casual dinner last night and enjoyed hanging out, playing games, and eating. The kids all slept in late today. Since school starts on January 3, I guess they can enjoy a few more days of down time.

Before the onslaught!

Just look at all the little pieces! What was Santa thinking?

The first gift...

Anna Grace and Barbie

Abby's salon

Alex and Katie with Guitar Hero

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The first post

I have gotten so far behind in updating our redthread site that I decided to see if I would do better using a blogspot instead. Once I'm up and going, I will share the web address with everyone. Until then, the list is staying small!
Merry Christmas!