Sunday, November 6, 2011

Someone Stole My Bonus Hour

This weekend was the time to gain an hour and not wake up usual.

I was smart, turned my clocks back early, and went to bed by 10:45 (new time).

From that point, the timeline looked somewhat like this.....

12:30 - Anna Grace showed up saying she couldn't sleep. Put her back to bed.

12:35 - Noticed Alex was not in bed but all the lights were out. Turns out he fell asleep on the couch so Katie left him there. Lovely. Put him back in bed.

2:30 - Phone rings. Unknown name and number. I'm awake again.

2:32 - Phone rings again. Awesome.

3:07 - Cell phone chirps alerting me of an email. Yep, I forgot to put it on silent.

3:59 - Another email arrives. I finally figured out how to make the phone silent. (new phone, owned for only a few hours)

5:30 - I am awake.

Turns out Dave's phone unlocked itself and called me twice.....from China. The emails that arrived were from him saying, "I think my phone called you."


It's going to be a very long day.