Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Bedtime

I can often hear my bed calling my name begging me to come upstairs. If you listen carefully, you may hear your bed calling you too.

My bed and I have a wonderful relationship. I curl up with a good book, get snuggly warm, and fall asleep awaiting the events of the coming day.

I thought everyone had that same lovely relationship with beds.

I was mistaken.

As I headed off to bed last night, I stumbled upon something in the hallway.

Something that should not be there.

A certain someone who did not read the instruction manual entitled, “How to go to Sleep.”

But the best thing? She accused me of dropping her in the hallway since there was "no way" she got up and fell asleep there herself.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where is College?

Where oh where is Katie?

Check the map…

Read the signs..

Look at the scenery…

Do you know yet?

Katie left us a week ago for her sophomore year in college at a new school, new roommates, and a final decision on a major (elementary and special ed!).

She and I moved her stuff in 95 degree weather. It was lovely fun, let me tell you.

But when I moved her in, I left wishing I was going to college now too. Check it out…

Her building…

her balcony…

and the views off the balcony…

And that’s just the outside!

Her bedroom…


and kitchen….

with decorations proving girls live there…

Plus a full sized washer and dryer! Definitely not the basic dorm room I had in college!

We went for a short visit today so the rest of the family could see where she is living.

A quick stop back off at her room and we headed home.

Wonder if we’ll be welcome again??

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ch ch ch changes....

I guess you have now quickly figured out that we are still alive.

But just barely.

You see, we are back in school. Shortly after my last post eons ago, I went back to school. And the rest has been a blur.

That, and once I sit down, I fall asleep!

Tossed in with the chaos of the new year were some major changes.

The first day of kindergarten and second grade…

One starting junior year and driving himself…

A seventh birthday celebrated on the first day of school….

A jet plane boarded after seven candles were blown out to head to China for a two week business trip…

And one who returned to college today but at a new school….

But amidst the changes, some things have stayed the same. Like Anna Grace’s personality.

Case in point…

Yesterday in music class, the teacher was going down the roll. He asked her if she would rather be called Anna or Anna Grace.

Her response?

You may call me Miss (insert last name).

Oh my.

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