Friday, February 25, 2011

A Mind of Her Own

Today, the girlies had a playdate with a friend. The mom and I visited for a bit before I headed home for some quiet time. Awesome!

When the aforementioned mom dropped off the girls a few hours later, I heard the following story….

Three little girls were playing make believe together. One, of course, tended to be bossy. That one (guess who) told her sister that she was supposed to be a policeman.

Here was the interaction as I understand it….

AG: Abby, pretend you are the policeman. I will call you for help.

(Phone rings): Policeman, I need help.

Abby comes to the rescue.

Abby: (Knock, knock).

AG: Who is there?

Abby: I am the Wicked Witch.

AG (exasperated): You are supposed to be the policeman.

Abby: Well, you called the wrong number.

Mom, for one, was glad to see the little one stand up to the big one.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anna Grace and her Aspirations

Tonight, Anna Grace enlightened us with her possible career choices. She has it narrowed down to….

1. Cheerleader. Goodness knows she is loud enough.

2. Vegeterian. When I explained that meant someone who ate only vegetables, she quickly corrected herself to veterinarian.

3. Pre-K teacher. Her sticking point with this job was that she would get to blow a whistle when the kids got too loud. Huh, didn’t know that was an option!

4. Soccer Coach. Yeah, so she can have lots of kids not listen to her just like she did to her coach.

5. Learn to fly. But not an airplane. Learn to fly by using her own arms.

Learning to fly was her number one choice.

She said she even has a bird friend who can teach her.

I think I age double time each year just because of this child.

Just sayin’……..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Couponing or Hoarding??

It’s taken me over twenty years but I am finally there. Maybe it’s the four kids, or the one in college with one headed there soon, or the economy. Whatever the reason, I am now clipping coupons and checking the weekly sales ads. In fact, it’s the first thing I do on Sunday mornings.

But my family thinks I’ve lost my mind.

“Mom… we really need more cereal?”

Hey now, I’m just accessing the sales teamed with my coupons.

Right now in my house we have…either opened or unopened…..

19 boxes of cereal

15 bags of chips

13 bottles of salad dressing

13 boxes of crackers

10 boxes of cookies (Girl Scout!)

8 jars of spaghetti sauce

5 boxes of hot chocolate

4 boxes of waffles

And other stuff too.

So….do I have a problem or am I just thrifty?

My family would say I have major issues. But my fellow moms? What do you think?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Days Like This

Another day……another day to remind me that my life usually spins out of control.

Got a text from Katie saying she was thinking about getting a tattoo for her birthday. Now, I have been there. I seriously considered doing that when I turned 40….and then chickened out. But y’all, I was 40. She’s not. Such a huge decision for a young age. Even at age 20.

Stress number one.

Alex’s car, well the “shared kid car but only one kid lives at home” car, does not have a CD player. So, he has a tape adapter to plug in his ipod. Evidently, the adapter broke so he rigged a new one. His comment to me? “Either this will work or I will electrocute myself.” Lovely.

Stress number two.

A certain seven year old who usually goes by the name of Anna Grace was up way too late last night. She was in bed but refused to sleep since she knew her big sister was home. Gee, no sleep teamed with a regular start to the day makes for a bad, bad afternoon. Much defiance pushed mom over the edge.

Stress number three.

Toss in a six year old who is super sensitive to almost anything. Add a sister who was over the top obnoxious today thus causing all sorts of conflicts and you get……lots of crying. Sigh.

Stress number four.

I knew there would be days like this but didn’t realize how often they would occur.

I’m too old for this.

Just sayin’.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wild Child

What do you do when you attend a birthday party? Visit, eat, sing, and cheer the birthday person, right??

So why does my child not seem to follow that basic trend?

Anna Grace attended a party this past weekend. A party for a boy in her class. Yes, a boy. She was one of only a handful of girls included.

I was not surprised to find her hanging with the boys when I went to pick her up. After all, that’s how she rolls.

However, I was surprised later to find out she’d been caught red-handed checking out the aforementioned birthday boy’s unmentionables….thankfully only in his dresser drawer.

What other 7 year old kid goes through someone else’s dresser?

Only mine, I guess.

Heaven help me.