Friday, February 25, 2011

A Mind of Her Own

Today, the girlies had a playdate with a friend. The mom and I visited for a bit before I headed home for some quiet time. Awesome!

When the aforementioned mom dropped off the girls a few hours later, I heard the following story….

Three little girls were playing make believe together. One, of course, tended to be bossy. That one (guess who) told her sister that she was supposed to be a policeman.

Here was the interaction as I understand it….

AG: Abby, pretend you are the policeman. I will call you for help.

(Phone rings): Policeman, I need help.

Abby comes to the rescue.

Abby: (Knock, knock).

AG: Who is there?

Abby: I am the Wicked Witch.

AG (exasperated): You are supposed to be the policeman.

Abby: Well, you called the wrong number.

Mom, for one, was glad to see the little one stand up to the big one.


Jboo said...

So funny! Those girls have to keep you in stitches! :)


Laura L. said...

Too funny. :) I always love reading about the funny things your 2 China blessings say and do.