Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wild Child

What do you do when you attend a birthday party? Visit, eat, sing, and cheer the birthday person, right??

So why does my child not seem to follow that basic trend?

Anna Grace attended a party this past weekend. A party for a boy in her class. Yes, a boy. She was one of only a handful of girls included.

I was not surprised to find her hanging with the boys when I went to pick her up. After all, that’s how she rolls.

However, I was surprised later to find out she’d been caught red-handed checking out the aforementioned birthday boy’s unmentionables….thankfully only in his dresser drawer.

What other 7 year old kid goes through someone else’s dresser?

Only mine, I guess.

Heaven help me.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Anna-Grace will go through anything and take anything-we have a red handed thief over here-its gotten better but I can so see her doing it! Must be the name or lost sister? I have to laugh though hahahaha cause it was not my child. You didnt face book that did you?