Sunday, February 13, 2011

Couponing or Hoarding??

It’s taken me over twenty years but I am finally there. Maybe it’s the four kids, or the one in college with one headed there soon, or the economy. Whatever the reason, I am now clipping coupons and checking the weekly sales ads. In fact, it’s the first thing I do on Sunday mornings.

But my family thinks I’ve lost my mind.

“Mom… we really need more cereal?”

Hey now, I’m just accessing the sales teamed with my coupons.

Right now in my house we have…either opened or unopened…..

19 boxes of cereal

15 bags of chips

13 bottles of salad dressing

13 boxes of crackers

10 boxes of cookies (Girl Scout!)

8 jars of spaghetti sauce

5 boxes of hot chocolate

4 boxes of waffles

And other stuff too.

So….do I have a problem or am I just thrifty?

My family would say I have major issues. But my fellow moms? What do you think?


Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

LOL! I dont have that much...we make a trip to the store once/month for big purchases and I spend 400plus...I buy stuff weekly also. I dont have storage in my house and cant store it in teh garage in the winter. I dont think you have a problem.if you have the storage and it wont go bad...get it! Planning on visiting Alaska soon?? We are saving for a trip to the lower 48 summer 2012

Tara said...

wow you stockpile more than I do. I do the same thing and save A LOT of money doing it that way. I have a ton of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and that sort of stuff.

NeuroMama said...

I wish I had the storage space for all of that! As it is, I buy extras when they're on sale and then they get buried in the back of the pantry or the back of the freezer and aren't found again until they've expired.

I have also started paying attention to sales and planning some of our meals around that. I think it's the economy. I never used to think about that stuff. Also, food seems so much more expensive than it used to be and feeding a family of five is quite expensive!

The Hams said...

Ummm, I hate to say this- but you may be up for that new show Hoarders..... wow- 19 boxes of cereal?!?! WOW!

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say the hoarders show, but there's another one about extreme coupon shoppers. I don't have any room in our house for that type of storage.