Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anna Grace and her Aspirations

Tonight, Anna Grace enlightened us with her possible career choices. She has it narrowed down to….

1. Cheerleader. Goodness knows she is loud enough.

2. Vegeterian. When I explained that meant someone who ate only vegetables, she quickly corrected herself to veterinarian.

3. Pre-K teacher. Her sticking point with this job was that she would get to blow a whistle when the kids got too loud. Huh, didn’t know that was an option!

4. Soccer Coach. Yeah, so she can have lots of kids not listen to her just like she did to her coach.

5. Learn to fly. But not an airplane. Learn to fly by using her own arms.

Learning to fly was her number one choice.

She said she even has a bird friend who can teach her.

I think I age double time each year just because of this child.

Just sayin’……..


NeuroMama said...

That's so cute! She will love to read about these aspirations some day. BTW, R's goal in life is to be able to fly too. But, she only wants to do it if her cat can fly with her.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hee hee. She sounds like an adorable handful. Here's hoping she doesn't jump off the roof in her attempts to learn to fly. *grni*

Carrie said...

hahahah Love it! These two AG need to meet one day! They may take over the world together! I switched my FB to Carrie Talmadge make sure you come over!