Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wedding or Football?

So, tonight is the Georgia vs Georgia Tech game. Big game here in the ATL. And what are we watching? Our wedding video. Yep.

I forgot I had promised the short crowd that we’d watch it today. At 7:30, that is what they requested.

Are you serious? Not Frosty or something? Geesh.

We had running commentary the whole time……

What shoes were you wearing? (white)
Did they click? (yes)
Who is that guy talking to you? (Father Joe)
Were you hungry? (yes)
Oh, I see Grandma and Grandpa!
Hi Daddy! (yelling to the tv screen)
There’s Aunt Karen!
I remember being there. (nope, you don’t)
Did you eat lots of cake? (nope, one small bite)
What kind of dancing is that? (waltz)
Who won your flowers? (Aunt Lori)
Why is daddy putting his hand up your dress? (to get the garter)
Why is that guy putting that garter on the girl? (tradition)
Did he see Aunt Lori’s underwear? (garter time: no, he didn’t).
What does JUL 8, 1989 mean? (the date we got married)

But, oh the memories.

The big 80’s hair.
The 80’s clothing.
Old friends. Trying to remember names!
The waltz. My uncle Larry taught us all years ago and dad reinforced….but it didn’t click with me!
Mingling with people but never eating….so yes, I was hungry!
Having one of my best friends catch the garter….and my brother’s girlfriend (now wife) catching the bouquet.
Dancing and music.
College and high school friends.

And then….
Mommy, how old were you when you were marrying?
I was 22.
Wow. You are 42 now.
That is old.

Thanks kid.

But the best thing from the video??

Seeing the family who was with us then but who now are gone.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving in re-run....

Thanksgiving means...

Extra silly kids.....

Teens....what more can I say?

Things that make you scratch your head...

A full house....

The turkey....

And memories of our day with friends….


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve is Here!

Tis’ the day before Thanksgiving,
and all through the land,
we’re dreaming of food
that makes tummies expand.

But no food will be had
with the house still a mess.
Summon some help please
in this time of distress.

Alas, the ole’ cleaning fairy
did not arrive.
It’s up to the kids…..
Oh, will they survive?

Take out the garbage,
sweep up the dust,
finish the laundry, and
yes, that’s a must!

Find linens and candles,
glasses and plates,
all prep for turkey day
with our good mates.

Pantry is stocked
full of good things galore.
What does tomorrow bring?
What is in store?

Daddy leaves early
for his big run.
Since when are half-marathons
considered to be fun?

When he arrives home
tired, safe and sound,
cooking will commence
and good smells will abound.

He’ll get the big bird,
add stuffing and baste.
Toss into the oven
with no time to waste!

Add green beans and corn,
mash up some spuds,
bake rolls, open cranberries,
and put on clean duds.

A house full of friends
is expected at three
to share food and drinks,
and Mr. Turkey.

That’s what our tomorrow
surely will bring.
Our wishes to you for
a blessed Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wrong Airplane

When Daddy left in early October for his long trip to Asia, I made the girls a calendar to count down the days. They’ve been faithfully counting the days until November 21.....the day daddy would fly home.

But you know we have to mess with them somehow, right?

Daddy decided to cut his trip short by a week!

After much deliberation, we decided not to tell the little girls about his change in plans. Surprises are much more fun, aren’t they?

Alex and I talked in code throughout the week about “the package” coming early. We had a few mishaps where someone forgot and used the real info, but thankfully, little ears were clueless.

On Friday morning, “the package” arrived via air.

Following a shower and quick nap, daddy left to pick the girls up at school.

From what I hear, he caused quite a sensation in the after school room. Both girls stunned into silence followed by screaming, “Daddy!!!” all while flying into his arms. I’m sure it was a sight to behold.

Evidently the conversation on the way home was about daddy coming home before the calendar said November 21.

But daddy, it’s not the 21st yet.

Daddy’s answer:

I got on a plane to go to Thailand. Guess it was the wrong plane because it took me home. Do you think someone is still waiting for me at the airport in Thailand?

You know what?

They believed him.

This morning at soccer, they passed along the story of how daddy took the wrong plane in China and came home instead.

Oh my.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Laundry Tales

Five weeks ago, daddy left us for a long business trip. That meant mommy was the only one in charge of everything.

Uh, hello? Is this a good thing?

You ask the kids…..they’d probably say yes. Kid friendly meals, watching TV in jammies during dinner, showers every other night… get the picture.

You ask me and I’d disagree.

So while I've been taking up the slack being the only adult at home, some things slid.

Like laundry.

The clothes are clean…..with laundry detergent, I promise. But nothing has been folded or put away for, uh, five weeks.

My mother would be so proud.

Oh wait, no she wouldn't.

Each day has been spent going on a treasure hunt in the depths of the baskets to find clean clothes to wear.

I got a bit weary of the challenge…….so caved in tonight and folded it all.

Also didn’t want daddy coming home to this…..

Didn’t think he’d find the hide and seek game quite so amusing.

As suggested by some of my wonderful co-workers, I enlisted the help of the six and under crowd.

For some reason, folding clothes can be fun when you are young. If only they knew.

Despite the assistance from over-eager helpers, it’s all folded

and put away.

Guess what’s in my baskets now?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Minutes in My Life

Do your thoughts go a mile a minute all the time like mine? Here is a snippit into the craziness that is my mind.....

Why is it that Abby doesn’t like getting her face wet at the pool but very happily sticks her whole head under the shower?

Why are there no parents on “Max and Ruby”?

How come my kids don’t seem to know how to walk indoors..…only run?

How do the toys seem to multiply overnight?

Why do I spend my day thinking in Facebook status?

Why am I so tired?

What is the purpose of “Yo Gabba Gabba”?

Why is spaghetti so slippery?

How come all my kids are smart yet have no common sense?

Why do my kids feel the need to update me on their bathroom happenings?

Who invented Caller ID? I want to kiss him.

What possessed Abby to put her tights on OVER her jeans?

What made Alex wear shorts and a t-shirt to school the other day when it was 35 degrees outside?

When will my sanity return?

All this in just a short time period.

So, when Dave asks me what I'm thinking about.....the easy answer is...........nothing.

When I attempt to explain my thoughts and thought pattern, I just get "the look".

Yep, I'm crazy.

Or, maybe I'm just a busy mom.

That's it, right??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do You Remember When.....

we had record albums and not CD’s?

going out to eat was a big event….even if it was just McDonalds?

you would walk or ride your bike to school/work?

you were expected to have a job to earn your own spending money?

we had to use pay phones and not cell phones?

no one had computers?

getting a VCR was a huge deal?

we had Atari and Pong?

most teens you knew had a job?


Here we are years later when all of the above have changed.

We all have CD’s and DVD’s.

Most families eat out at least once per week if not more.

Most kids drive or are driven to school.

Pay phones? What’s that?

Families own more than two computers.

We have at least two VCR/DVD players as well as a DVR.

At least one game system is owned…..ours is a PS2 so rather old for the times!

Most teens don’t have jobs. (But not for the lack of trying.)


Have we failed our children? Have we given them more than we should? Have we “spoiled” them into thinking they only deserve the best?

I worry about the future of our children. Will they strive to be more? Or will they expect it to be handed to them like everything else?

I am sure our parents said the same thing but as I was just told by someone younger than I….

Times are different now.

But are they?

Or have we made it that way? Have we given into the pressures that life hands us?

What do you think?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Dark and Rainy Night...

The time has come,
the time is near
to retell a story
of a day full of cheer.

Halloween arrived
after much anticipation.
Who knew we’d have such
yucky precipitation?

But let’s start from the beginning
which really must be
from Friday night when
carving we did see.

Three pumpkins were created
with the help of the teens.
Pumpkin guts and knives
did create such a scene.

What awesome pumpkins
the kids did create
by working together,
oh my, isn’t it great?

Begging day did
finally arrive
Much to the delight of those
near the age of five.

After the arrival of friends
and pizza for dinner,
Costumes were donned
to make the day a winner.

The boy decided to join
in the game.
With the help of the girlfriend,
a rock star, he became.

Old mom was just mom,
but friends dressed up too.
Check out the pilot and flapper
who joined our fair zoo.

Toss in their son
with a scary, green face
We were ready to go and
knock place to place.

Armed with candy buckets
and adult drinks in our hands,
out the door we headed
as one great big band.

When what should our bodies
feel from the sky?
Rain! How can that be?
Oh me, me, oh my my.

Girls complained from the get-go,
I am cold, I am wet.
I want to go home!
Mom cries, No, not yet!

We managed to make it
through two of our streets
before we decided to
head home for treats.

Loot is unloaded,
trading begins.
What will you give me,
another kid grins!

Another Halloween has now
passed us by,
But memories will linger
until the next time.