Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wrong Airplane

When Daddy left in early October for his long trip to Asia, I made the girls a calendar to count down the days. They’ve been faithfully counting the days until November 21.....the day daddy would fly home.

But you know we have to mess with them somehow, right?

Daddy decided to cut his trip short by a week!

After much deliberation, we decided not to tell the little girls about his change in plans. Surprises are much more fun, aren’t they?

Alex and I talked in code throughout the week about “the package” coming early. We had a few mishaps where someone forgot and used the real info, but thankfully, little ears were clueless.

On Friday morning, “the package” arrived via air.

Following a shower and quick nap, daddy left to pick the girls up at school.

From what I hear, he caused quite a sensation in the after school room. Both girls stunned into silence followed by screaming, “Daddy!!!” all while flying into his arms. I’m sure it was a sight to behold.

Evidently the conversation on the way home was about daddy coming home before the calendar said November 21.

But daddy, it’s not the 21st yet.

Daddy’s answer:

I got on a plane to go to Thailand. Guess it was the wrong plane because it took me home. Do you think someone is still waiting for me at the airport in Thailand?

You know what?

They believed him.

This morning at soccer, they passed along the story of how daddy took the wrong plane in China and came home instead.

Oh my.


The Hams said...

Oh that's too cute!! I love how little children believe in every story we tell them =)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a sweet and funny story! So glad your hubby is home. That must have been a killer!


Jboo said...

So sweet! I'm sure you are all so happy to have him home! Have a great weekend!


Tara said...

that is too cute!!
So glad he is home (but now you have to keep up with the laundry... and cook)!

NeuroMama said...

Adorable! I bet you wish you were there to see the expressions on their faces when Daddy showed up at school.

Hope your hubby gives you some "me time" this weekend. You totally deserve it after being a single parent for so many weeks.

JShannon said...

Too cute ! What a wonderful surprise for them.

Margaret M said...

Oh How SWEET! LOVE this story! I would love to get together the next time we come to Atlanta which will hopefully be soon. I am sure we will at least be making an annual trip to American Girl. Lily Wen loved it! We would love to meet you and the girls in person! How much fun would that be! Sorry that I did not get in touch this time. With Lily getting sick right before we left, it really was a last minute, thrown together kind of trip. I could not even get a reservation at the bistro at AG for her to eat. The next trip will be better planned!

Julie said...

That is just too too sweet!

Anne & Mike said...

Thought we would tell you that the stroller you gave us features heavily in this week's post. Thank you so much again for the stroller and all the kind comments