Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Laundry Tales

Five weeks ago, daddy left us for a long business trip. That meant mommy was the only one in charge of everything.

Uh, hello? Is this a good thing?

You ask the kids…..they’d probably say yes. Kid friendly meals, watching TV in jammies during dinner, showers every other night…..you get the picture.

You ask me and I’d disagree.

So while I've been taking up the slack being the only adult at home, some things slid.

Like laundry.

The clothes are clean…..with laundry detergent, I promise. But nothing has been folded or put away for, uh, five weeks.

My mother would be so proud.

Oh wait, no she wouldn't.

Each day has been spent going on a treasure hunt in the depths of the baskets to find clean clothes to wear.

I got a bit weary of the challenge…….so caved in tonight and folded it all.

Also didn’t want daddy coming home to this…..

Didn’t think he’d find the hide and seek game quite so amusing.

As suggested by some of my wonderful co-workers, I enlisted the help of the six and under crowd.

For some reason, folding clothes can be fun when you are young. If only they knew.

Despite the assistance from over-eager helpers, it’s all folded

and put away.

Guess what’s in my baskets now?


Denise said...

The contents of the baskets at the end are far cuter than the beginning. LOL However, the baskets at the beginning better reflect my own laundry.

Teresa =) said...

As a child, my mom would wash the laundry and dump the clean clothes on the couch. With six kids and TONS of laundry...well, we rarely saw the couch. Except on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, all the clean laundry would go into Hefty bags so we could line up on the couch to open gifts. The next evening, the laundry went back on the couch.

As newlyweds, I promised my husband that would NEVER happen with us. Our clean laundry gets dumped on the bed. Since we don't really wanna sleep on piles of clean clothes, they got folded and put away every night.

Just a thought...

Teresa =)

NeuroMama said...

Those two loads of laundry are quite adorable. Love the bows.

Laundry is actually the one chore I enjoy doing from start to finish. I'd fold million loads of laundry to get out of loading the dishwasher, picking up the toys, sweeping the floors, or cleaning the bathrooms. Yuck, yuck, yuck, and yuck.

Jboo said...

Yay for you all!! I have baskets of folded clothes sitting around wishing to get put away! Maybe tomorrow!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Thank goodness! I thought you might find yourself in the same situation I found myself in last year. That? Was not good. *blush* But you are far wiser than me. Plus you have more help. *grin*