Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve is Here!

Tis’ the day before Thanksgiving,
and all through the land,
we’re dreaming of food
that makes tummies expand.

But no food will be had
with the house still a mess.
Summon some help please
in this time of distress.

Alas, the ole’ cleaning fairy
did not arrive.
It’s up to the kids…..
Oh, will they survive?

Take out the garbage,
sweep up the dust,
finish the laundry, and
yes, that’s a must!

Find linens and candles,
glasses and plates,
all prep for turkey day
with our good mates.

Pantry is stocked
full of good things galore.
What does tomorrow bring?
What is in store?

Daddy leaves early
for his big run.
Since when are half-marathons
considered to be fun?

When he arrives home
tired, safe and sound,
cooking will commence
and good smells will abound.

He’ll get the big bird,
add stuffing and baste.
Toss into the oven
with no time to waste!

Add green beans and corn,
mash up some spuds,
bake rolls, open cranberries,
and put on clean duds.

A house full of friends
is expected at three
to share food and drinks,
and Mr. Turkey.

That’s what our tomorrow
surely will bring.
Our wishes to you for
a blessed Thanksgiving!


Kim said...

Love your poem! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Tara said...

That is great!!!
Tell Dave good Luck in the run!!

and... can you work on a Christmas poem for my blog please? Or... maybe my Christmas letter?

Teresa =) said...

You are such a talent,
You put me in a good mood.
Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving
To you and your brood!!

Teresa =)

(Wow, that was pretty lame...)

Jboo said...

YOu are so good with words! I'm with Tara -- can you help with my Christmas letter?!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


RamblingMother said...

great poem. good luck on the run to daddy.