Monday, June 30, 2008


Katie and her friends hanging out on the swingset. :-)

Soccer buddies

Anna Grace thought it was cool that she and Alex wore the same shirt today--their soccer practice shirt!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Playdough time

Lost your keys??

Alex and I were getting haircuts today when we noticed some activity outside the salon. Turns out a local county deputy had locked his keys in his police car and was attempting to break into his vehicle to unlock the door. We wished we had a camera with us just to prove it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gas and Milk

I just paid $3.84 for a gallon of milk at Wal-Mart. The other day I paid $3.85 for a gallon of gas at Kroger using our discount card (so we got ten cents off each gallon). Does anyone else find that sad?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Little swimmers

Anna Grace is working pretty hard at swimming. She only wears her floats now when mommy gets out of the pool or gives Abby a turn to practice. Abby, though, tends to sink more than swim! But she's trying. These pictures are from this evening. The girls had just been at the pool two hours earlier. Alex really does go to the pool but he's never there when I have the camera!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New truck fun!

Katie's boyfriend just bought a new truck off of ebay. He and his dad flew out of state to check it out, bought it, and returned home all in the same day. Anyhow, just had to show you the girls in comparison to the truck! It cracked us up! The little ones got to ride around the block which was a huge thrill (going 15 mph with no car seat---shhhh). :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Swimming girls

I have no pictures today but both little ones are attempting to swim without their floaties. Anna Grace can go about 10 feet without her floats on----she does better swimming underwater instead of the doggie paddle. Abby, well, let's just say she is drowning gracefully. She has no fear of the water at all. This can be a problem because she'll jump in or wriggle out of our arms when no one is prepared to catch her. We made her put her floats back on primarily for safety purposes. We'll keep working on it throughout the summer. Perhaps by the end of the swimming season, they'll both be doing super!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jumping Girls!

Scenes from the pool today. Anna Grace is in pink; Abby is in green. The noise in the background is the waterfall from the mushroom! We basically had the whole pool to ourselves. That's the advantage of going early in the morning. :-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Yeah! We have AC!!

The AC tech came this morning and replaced our coil with one that is under warranty for ten years. I hope to never repeat these past two weeks but it's good to know we are covered regardless. The upstairs is slowly cooling down. Hopefully by later this afternoon or evening, we will be close to normal.

An Abby-ism

We were at the pool yesterday where Abby was happily swimming. She swam past some other adults who had been watching the girls play. One of the ladies said, "Oh, are you a fish?" Abby kept swimming, turned around and said, "No, I Abby!"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex turned 14 today! We went out to dinner, came home and had cookie cake, and now he's hanging out on the computer (looking at guitar stuff, I'm sure!). He has spent his birthday money and lawn mowing money on a new amp and wireless system for his guitar----both purchased off ebay. The girls now chant, "No more ebay for Alex!" He's always finding "great deals" on stuff. Holy cow!

Anyhow, here a few pictures from the boy who hates pictures. Katie is still in Dallas for a yearbook meeting with her staff but hey, he missed her birthday too!

Quick update

The car: I got my car back yesterday. The new transmission crashed two weeks ago but they've been unable to make it happen again. Evidently they've "retrained" the computer to accept the transmission---or something like that. I don't know. I do know they drove my van for 250 miles with no issues---and I had no gas left when I picked it up. All I can do is hope nothing else happens with it or if it does, that we are in town.

The AC: The tech came back today and said our coil has a leak in it so needs to be replaced. Okay, that's fine. But they have to order it and won't be able to come back until Friday. To say I was livid would be a complete understatement. The air has been out for two weeks tomorrow. I am tired of sweating in my own house. All the clean laundry is in my room because I don't feel like folding it in the heat of the upstairs. We have reached 87 degrees upstairs now. I feel sorry for the little ones when they go to sleep. They are flopped out on their beds, ceiling fans going, but still sweat. When I am hot, I am cranky so we're not having very good days around here. I hope we can make it two more nights.........

Daddy is Home!

After close to a month in China on business, Dave arrived home to two happpy little girls. The rest of us were happy too but....the little ones were the most excited!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Silly Sunday!

Here are a few random shots from Katie. Pretty cool, huh? We spent the day at the mall and pool to avoid our hot house. Alex earned $50 by cutting lawns from a couple of neighbors--and has at least one more tomorrow. He's psyched. Of course, he's already spent that money on a new amp but hey, he's 14 so what do you expect? Katie leaves for Dallas on Tuesday for a school trip, Dave arrives home on Tuesday. Perhap life will resume some normalacy once we are all together again late Thursday night. If our AC and my car would be fixed, I'd be happy!