Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lost your keys??

Alex and I were getting haircuts today when we noticed some activity outside the salon. Turns out a local county deputy had locked his keys in his police car and was attempting to break into his vehicle to unlock the door. We wished we had a camera with us just to prove it!


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Shirley said...

Hi Kristin:
I am Anna Grace's grandma, she calls me MomMom. I went to your blog, what a great family, and I love the name :o). Anna was my husbands Mom's name. I am so happy you found our Anna Grace's blogsite. I lost my husband almost 3 years ago, he didn't get to meet our Anna, he knew they were in the process, so she has brought me much joy. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.
Shirley Toepler

Ashley & Mike said...

I tried to comment to this one the other night, but my computer locked up. WHen I read this I really paniced and had to check hubs' schedule because I know that he has done this before. I read it and thought, oh great she was making fun of Mike :) I would definately love to get together with the kids and really meet in person. I am running all over this weekend and forcing myself to go to the mountains with the boys next weekend for the 4th, but I am always game for doing something on a weekday/night or after the next two weekends. But, if we go to the pool I am not sitting next to your stunning daughter in her green bikini :)