Sunday, June 8, 2008

Swimming girls

I have no pictures today but both little ones are attempting to swim without their floaties. Anna Grace can go about 10 feet without her floats on----she does better swimming underwater instead of the doggie paddle. Abby, well, let's just say she is drowning gracefully. She has no fear of the water at all. This can be a problem because she'll jump in or wriggle out of our arms when no one is prepared to catch her. We made her put her floats back on primarily for safety purposes. We'll keep working on it throughout the summer. Perhaps by the end of the swimming season, they'll both be doing super!


Julie said...

Summer fun! Mae is taking lessons and can swim enough but she still wears her speedo vest. Jane sinks like a rock! We like to go in the am too - Jane with her pink skin and red hair cannot stay out in the direct sun for very long!


C&A said...

MJ can float-like for 5 seconds but I am still happy! I am so glad for my brother coming over and teaching her and the little guy! lessons are fun for all I think!