Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Normal

After six years of daycare and/or after school care, we decided to call it quits. Much to my dismay, let me tell you.

Yes, I know I teach at the girls’ school. Yes, I know I can pick them up every day and keep them with me. Yes, I know I was being selfish sending them to after school each day.

But c’mon y’all. Have you tried keeping my double trouble duo after a long work day? You’d pay for after school care too!

However, with college looming for kid number two, we decided money was better utilized by having the girlies stay with me each day.

Oh my.

So….I compromised. I can be good at that when it suits my needs. Ha!

Mondays….both are with me.

Tuesdays…..Abby goes to Art Club at school; Anna Grace stays with me.

Wednesdays….both go to after school at the daycare due to my faculty meetings.

Thurday….Anna Grace goes to Art Club at school; Abby stays with me.

Friday….both are with me.

I have learned a few things during this grand adventure……

I have to plan ahead for errands....do I take little ones or not?

I am much more organized knowing I will have two short people with me during the week.

I am now able to leave on time more often than not.

Homework is able to be finished after school and before we get home. Awesome!

But the best thing??

I get one afternoon each week with just one little girl.

A rarity in our house for sure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Teens and Littles....

We knew, way back when, that by adding two little ones to much older kids would prove to be interesting. And that has very much held true…

The littles know all kinds of interesting stuff.

They are up on the current pop stars, can do all the crazy dance moves, are into the lingo of texting, facebook, and more.

Both have been exposed to girlfriends and boyfriends, kissing, teen drivers, loud music, and overall goofiness.

But today truly reminded me of the fact that I have teens and littles.

I had barely pulled in the garage this afternoon after work when a certain sassy child said…

“Unlock the door, woman.”

Oh my.

And where do you think she learned that?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ice Storm Cometh

Snow is fine. Snow was expected. Snow was the reason we all ran to the store to stock up on French toast supplies. You know….eggs, bread, and milk.

However, snow was not what we got.

Ice arrived in the deep south. Ice. And more ice.

Snow is beautiful. Yucky later but wonderful when it falls.

Ice is noisy, slippery, and not much fun.

But that is what arrived at our house.

Check out our street…..

We couldn’t get anywhere.

Sledding was awesome though. After all, sledding on pure ice is slick.

The first snow day was fun. Sledding was the highlight.

The second snow day was okay. Let’s just say we survived.

Tomorrow brings the third snow day. I don’t think I’ll make it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

Sound the alarm…..a winter storm is headed our way. What are we to do?

Evidently, what you do is head to the local store and buy milk, eggs, and bread.

Unfortunately, we needed milk and bread last night anyhow so had to join the throngs of people inhabiting the grocery stores. Some shelves were empty, certain items hard to find, and full shopping carts being pushed by panicked shoppers.

After all, we could be snowed in for days. In Georgia.

Uh huh.

I’ve just never understood the need for extra milk, eggs, and bread. What’s the deal?

Oh, I know.

Snow must bring on the incredible urge to make French toast.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Trickery? How can that be? From this sweet child?


Today marked the first day back to school after the Christmas holidays. Over the break, Anna Grace decided she had to get her hair cut short. The static electricity was killing her. And my patience....

She got the brilliant idea (ha!) that her teacher would not recognize her in class today because her hair was so much shorter.

Guess she forgot about the fact that she is the only Chinese born child in that room.

Or maybe she truly doesn't look at her friends by race....just by hair length, hair color, eye color, etc.

What a concept.