Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Normal

After six years of daycare and/or after school care, we decided to call it quits. Much to my dismay, let me tell you.

Yes, I know I teach at the girls’ school. Yes, I know I can pick them up every day and keep them with me. Yes, I know I was being selfish sending them to after school each day.

But c’mon y’all. Have you tried keeping my double trouble duo after a long work day? You’d pay for after school care too!

However, with college looming for kid number two, we decided money was better utilized by having the girlies stay with me each day.

Oh my.

So….I compromised. I can be good at that when it suits my needs. Ha!

Mondays….both are with me.

Tuesdays…..Abby goes to Art Club at school; Anna Grace stays with me.

Wednesdays….both go to after school at the daycare due to my faculty meetings.

Thurday….Anna Grace goes to Art Club at school; Abby stays with me.

Friday….both are with me.

I have learned a few things during this grand adventure……

I have to plan ahead for errands....do I take little ones or not?

I am much more organized knowing I will have two short people with me during the week.

I am now able to leave on time more often than not.

Homework is able to be finished after school and before we get home. Awesome!

But the best thing??

I get one afternoon each week with just one little girl.

A rarity in our house for sure.


NeuroMama said...

I love that you are getting some alone time with each of them. I had some of that tonight with my oldest and it was awesome. Even though we only went to her ballet class and then grocery shopping. Still, so much more relaxing than taking all three or the two littlest while S is at school.

Karen said...

LOL! You so make me smile. We too gave up daycare with our double trouble girls. Yes.... I know I can have them in my room....yes, I know it is cheaper. But some days....................

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Sounds like a grand plan to me! :) Us mama's gotta do what we gotta do.... Sometimes I feel like I am in constant "survival" mode.

Have a great weekend!

Love and blessings,

Carrie said...

youll do ok! Dont worry!