Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's only Tuesday?

Oh my. Where to begin?

Do I start with the fact that Katie's car suddenly stopped working while she was driving? And despite the fact it was towed to a great garage, no one can figure out why it died or how to fix it?

Or, do I talk about Anna Grace finding an old, supposedly dead, i-pod that she managed to salvage and revive? And on that previously uncooperative i-pod, she found many, many songs that she likes to sing very loudly? Especially the songs from "A Chorus Line"?

Oh, I know. I'll share that it took Dave three hours to get home from work today.....when it should take forty-five minutes. Ah, lovely Atlanta traffic.

No, no, no. How about the fact that I rounded up my small children to head to soccer practice only to find out we were the only ones there. Turns out the fields were closed due to muddy fields. But I didn't get off scot-free.....Abby's coach and most of the team showed up. Yep. We had soccer practice in the mud. Mud which then got brought to my car and home to my house. And, I had to listen to the whining of the child who really needed to be running but her coach followed directions and did not show up.

Or how about this? After sending the girls to play after school while I prepared for tomorrow, I was greeted with silence. Silence is bad. Trust me. Then I heard whispers. Whispering is worse than silence. That means they are conspiring about something.

Nah, here is the icing on the cake for today.

Anna Grace piped up with the fact that we could hear God if we listened carefully and were quiet. I said, "He's saying that you need to obey your mother." Whereupon she said, "Nope, He's saying that Anna Grace gets to do whatever she wants."

Oh hold on. Let's add some candles to that cake.

Dave mentioned today that he may need to be in Tokyo on Monday.

Yay me.

Yep, it's only Tuesday.

Can't wait to see what happens the rest of this week.