Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daddy's Advice

(cough, cough)

Yep, I just blew the dust off my keyboard. I hope you appreciate the effort it took. After all, there was over four months of build-up from lack of use.

Today was just another one of "those" days. Busy, crazy, hectic, and filled with a contrary attitude from a certain 9 year old someone.

I'd had enough by dinner and ever-so-politely stated......

"Stop, you are getting on my ever-lasting nerve."

Where I got that phrase, I have no idea. After all, an ever-lasting nerve would be horrible. Can you imagine? Constant annoyance, constant pain, constant something.

Nonetheless, the words came out of my mouth which then prompted.....

Daddy: Yeah, you don't want to get on Mom's ever-lasting nerve.

Anna Grace: Where is it?

Daddy: I can't tell you or you may find it. Then you'd always be there.

Oh heavens.

Please don't tell my children where they can locate my ever-lasting nerve.