Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Days Like This

Another day……another day to remind me that my life usually spins out of control.

Got a text from Katie saying she was thinking about getting a tattoo for her birthday. Now, I have been there. I seriously considered doing that when I turned 40….and then chickened out. But y’all, I was 40. She’s not. Such a huge decision for a young age. Even at age 20.

Stress number one.

Alex’s car, well the “shared kid car but only one kid lives at home” car, does not have a CD player. So, he has a tape adapter to plug in his ipod. Evidently, the adapter broke so he rigged a new one. His comment to me? “Either this will work or I will electrocute myself.” Lovely.

Stress number two.

A certain seven year old who usually goes by the name of Anna Grace was up way too late last night. She was in bed but refused to sleep since she knew her big sister was home. Gee, no sleep teamed with a regular start to the day makes for a bad, bad afternoon. Much defiance pushed mom over the edge.

Stress number three.

Toss in a six year old who is super sensitive to almost anything. Add a sister who was over the top obnoxious today thus causing all sorts of conflicts and you get……lots of crying. Sigh.

Stress number four.

I knew there would be days like this but didn’t realize how often they would occur.

I’m too old for this.

Just sayin’.

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Tara said...

Oh how I can relate!!! GO FOR IT KATIE!! I have wanted one forever and regret not getting it when I was 18 (I didn't want to hear the grief from my mother). Now I am thinking about getting one (but different than the 18 year old one) but I am scared!! Maybe we should go together (you and me, not Katie and me).