Sunday, March 13, 2011

Social Networking.....

Dork that I am, I spent the past two nights rereading my blog. Yep, I did. It brought back lots of memories. Memories that made me laugh and made me cry. More crying than not....

And made me realize that I am so off the blogging chart right now, it's not even funny. I think all my creative juices have left the building. I just don't take the time to sit down and write. I may in my brain, but not on to speak.

All my funnies appear quickly on Facebook. Maybe that is my downfall. Quick and easy access to a blurb makes me less likely to write about it. Less likely to take the time to tell the whole story in more than twenty words. After all, when you spend your day thinking in "Facebook status", most comments are kept short.

So I am rethinking this whole social networking thing. As much as I love it, is it a detriment to people? Are we getting used to short blurbs about life? A few words seem to tell a whole story. How?

What happened to the emails of yesteryear, blog posts about life, or better yet, the handwritten letters to others? Does anyone write letters anymore? Not just the obligatory thank yous for gifts, but real letters?

Are we short changing ourselves with the quick texts, twitters, facebook status updates, and more? Is this why we have a hard time composing thoughts?

Our teens have grown up with the social networking. My little ones talk about facebook, email, and texting. The convenience is awesome but what about the long run? Are we killing our writing, our composing, our creativity, our work ethic?

I refer back to my dorkness when I say, perhaps we should return to the letter writing days of the dark ages. Even a phone call to Grandma would avoid the casualness and ease of "Social Networking".

What do you think?


Jboo said...

Yep, you're right. Am going to try and write more handwritten letters and see if I can get a penpal for my girl. The Thrill of real mail!! :)

Hope you have a great Monday!


Teresa =) said...

Kristin -

I have gotten more flack from...well, from everybody because I REFUSE to get on Facebook. My blog doesn't get the attention it deserves. Updating my Facebook status all day seems like an eternal waste of my time (and the time of those bored enough to read it).

While I can't see me writing any letters any time soon, I do feel like my blog is a letter of sorts to my kids...and they can access it for the rest of their lives and remember how silly, funny, cute, exasperating they were when they were younger.

Come back to Blogger, Kristin. Meggie and I miss you!!

Teresa =)

NeuroMama said...

I prefer blogging to FB because my blog is a virtual journal/ scrapbook for the kids. FB is more of a way to just see what's happening with old friends. Also, I don't like the public nature of FB. I don't really want people to know all the details (boring or not) of my life.

Personally, I would love to see more blog posts from you! And, the blog will be such a nice reference for your kids to have some day. FB, not so much (can you create a book from FB posts, like you can with a blog?).

Livin' out loud said...

these have been my own thoughts! WoW! Here's to a return to journaling!!!