Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Little Friends.....

How do I explain my job as a special education teacher to my little girls? It's hard. Made harder since they attend my school and know all my little friends.

I am now picking up a classmate of Abby's three times a week for some one on one attention. Abby knows she needs help and will often assist her during class....with the teacher's blessing. Abby said to me today...."When you come pick up C, you need to get M and R too because they don't know their letters either."

I sure wish I could but.....I can't.

I am at a loss as to how to explain why some kids get to see me and some don't.

All children need help at some point.

All children could benefit from one on one attention.

But not all children can come see me.

Although, I've had some ask their moms to "sign them up" for my class!

I don't want my girls to think any less of a friend or think differently of a peer because that child is one of my little buddies.

On the other hand, my girls are learning compassion for others. Abby thrives on helping her peers who are struggling. Anna Grace has become the best pal for a non-verbal little girl in her class.

I love that!

But I still come back do I explain my job?

Sigh. I guess I'll figure it out one day.

Or maybe Katie will before me since she is heading down the same path....

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