Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break! Oh my....

Sixteen more hours! Two more days!

And….(drum roll)....spring break arrives. Just in time.


And what, you ask, are our grand plans?

Absolutely nothing. I plan to stay in my jammies, read books, be lazy, and do as little as I can. As long as no one is going hungry, all will be fine in my little world.

My only firm plan is to get the rack and pinion replaced in my van. Whoo hoo. What excitement. I can feel the thrill in the air......(and see the money flying away).

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dummy me mentioned our overwhelming spring break plans to my dad, the wanna be comedian.

His comment?

“Well, it finally happened too you also. After you turn 44, your rack and pinion begin to fray and warp. It's sad how that happens. That's why you need to replace them.”

Sad thing is…..I had to do the math to see if I was truly 44.

I couldn’t remember.

My poor van and I must be really over the hill.

Hope your spring break is much more entertaining.

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