Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twenty Years Ago....

Twenty years ago, Dave returned from the Gulf War.

Twenty years ago, I was 38 weeks pregnant.

Twenty years ago, we spent the day in Savannah at the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Twenty years ago, I went into labor (after spending the day in Savannah!).

Twenty years ago, I woke up Dave and said the ominous words…..”Come on, let’s go.”

Twenty years ago, he was so tired that he asked, “Go where?’

(I told him Burger King……and he has not lived that down.)

Twenty years ago, we welcomed our first born into the world.

I am shocked and amazed that so much time has passed. How can she be 20? I flash back through the years and remember…

….an irritable baby who only wanted to be held

….a busy, cantankerous toddler who pushed mommy over the edge

…a shy, unsure preschooler

…a brave first grader making three school changes in one year

…a little ballet dancer

…an energetic Irish dancer

…a focused soccer player

…a studious student (always)

…an outgoing teen, forever talking

…an awesome big sister

…a friend to all

How can twenty years already have passed?

How can my baby be in college?

How can she no longer declare herself a teen but a young adult?

How can I be old enough to have a twenty year old? (don't go there!)

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl, my Irish Princess, my first born, and my guinea pig.

I love you.


Mei Mei Journal said...

I love that tribute to your beautiful daughter! So glad you are blogging.

Regina said...

AWWW, that is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

Karen said...

Great post, Kristin! .... and What a beautiful picture of Katie! Happy birthday, Katie.

Laura L. said...

This a really nice post, beautiful actually. Since the baby of my big kids is 19 today, I can relate. :) How is it possible for so much time to have passed? Even though it's so cool to see them becoming who they are as adults, it's definitely bittersweet. Sometimes you wish you could just see a few moments again of their childhood too.

Jboo said...

Oh my -- that is so sweet! What fun to hear about her over the years! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!


NeuroMama said...

So beautiful (the young woman and the words you wrote about her)!