Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sassy Child

I hope you are sitting down for what I am about to tell you will astound you.

Hold on to your seats.

Guess what?

This particular child cannot be quiet.

And she picks and chooses when to follow directions.

Are you shocked?

Today in her agenda from school was a note from her teacher:

"Anna lost two points for talking excessively and loudly in the hall and in class, and for being in the wrong place during class."

Now, we get these notes every other week or so.

But today's note had a bit extra.

The guilty child wrote mom a message just under the teacher's note:

"Please don't tell me. I know."

When I asked her about her message to me, she said....

"I know. I need to be quiet. I can't play in class. I need to listen to my teacher."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Guess it's easier said then done, huh?


day by day said...

lol! She is too cute!!

Carrie said...

on my word-I just have to laugh- My husband walked y read your post and saud It must be the name!!! enough said!

NeuroMama said...

Love it! She gives you so much great blog material. Be sure to thank her for your readers.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a hoot! Always a hoot over here...I just LOVE visiting your blog! :)

I think Anna is Lauren's long lost sister. Oh are we in trouble!

Love and blessings,