Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adventures in Katie-Land

Have you ever been to Katie-Land? It’s an interesting place. Even she will admit to that. Life is pink, perky, and never quite normal. There’s always a glitch in the system somewhere.

We had an enchanting visit in Katie-Land yesterday. Let me set the stage…..

*Katie with a borrowed Suburban (thank you Tracy and Clay!!!) that likes to start when the mood is just right. And, the mood is not right very often.

*Katie coming home for a friend’s wedding shower….an hour drive…lots of gas needed.

*New kid car coming this week (please, oh please, let me find something!)

So……knowing we were hoping to find a new car, I told her we’d return the aforementioned truck to its very generous owners and send her back with one of ours for the week until we found something new.

Sounds simple, right? Uh huh. Keep reading.

After Katie attended the wedding shower, I met her at a local grocery store where she and her friends had left the truck in perfect “jumping” position just in case.

Guess what, it started. Whoo hoo!

“Mom, I really need to put more gas in it.”

“Okay, it’s one mile to the gas station.”

And off we trucked…literally.

As we traveled along a two lane road with very little shoulder room, I kept an eye on her.

An ambulance flew by us so everyone pulled off the shoulder as much as possible.

We then started going again……well, all but Katie.

She had pulled off onto the shoulder and came to a dead stop.

You know why?

Evidently E really does mean empty.

Oh. Good. Grief.

Toss in mom borrowing a gas can at the gas station to replenish the tank, forgetting cars won’t start when still in drive, and having to jump the truck on the side of the road, and that would complete our adventures.

Just use your imagination. I promise you the reality was much more interesting.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Uh-oh. Thank goodness she has mom!