Friday, April 1, 2011

Riding to School....

For some reason, I thought it would be so nice to have both girls together with me in the morning to head to school. I must have been delusional when I thought that.

For two years, I’ve only had Anna Grace with me. She sat quietly and listened to music all the way there. She must have been storing her extra energy for her teacher……but I digress.

Anyhow, toss in Abby and……all the way to school, I hear…..

Where is that bus going?

Who is driving?

Look, I see a red car!

Why are you stopping?

Why are you turning? The light is red.

The sign says 55. Are doing that?

If you turn here, you will see Kroger.

I went there for a field trip.

Green, go mom!

Why aren’t we going?

Tell those cars to hurry up.

Look, there’s Chick Fil-A.

Can we go there?

Why not?

Turn here mom. This is the road to school.

Why is it so dark?

Are you being careful?

Stop sign. Stop!

Is that Catlan’s neighborhood?

I think that car is going to my school. Whose car is it?

Park here, mom.

Look, I see (insert teacher or assistant).

The longest fifteen minutes of my life.

And I get to do it again on the way home.


(note: and this routine has not changed in the past 140 days of school.....)

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Laura L. said...

Oh my. :) 2 in the car, jabbering away. I will be there in a few months.

Just this evening, between a stop for dinner and a toy store, Jadyn was jabbering on. First she was clucking like a chicken and then asked if it was okay to cluck like a chicken. In the next breath she asked if we could someday ride a subway. I was sitting there thinking of how constant the talk is. :)

The whole conversation you've written here seems like what things in our car sound like....okay, so it's only 1 child for me. I do sort of understand though. ;)