Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Computer Doesn't Like Me

Arrived home after a long day, grabbed the mail, and headed into the house. Opened a bill found in the aforementioned mail only to see....

"Your payment is late."

Say what?

I know I paid it. Two weeks ago.

What's the deal?

Checked the online bill pay system only to find out that the bill was right and I was wrong.

Yes, indeed, I had not paid it.

Puzzlement ensued. How on earth did I manage to do that?

I immediately scheduled a payment but continued to be confused. What did I do?

An hour later, it hit me.

Earlier this week, I discovered that I had paid another bill twice in two weeks.

I'll bet the two payees are back to back on my pay list....which would mean I was a dope and clicked on the wrong one. Therefore one got paid twice and the other not at all.

Pulled up the bank account again to check my theory and discovered.....

My theory was correct.

However, I also discovered...

I just made the same mistake again. The payment I just scheduled an hour earlier was for the wrong one again.

One bill has now been paid three times and other one not at all.

And I can't cancel the payment.

Yay for me.

Either I'm a dope or my computer doesn't like me.

I'm blaming the computer.

Go with me.....


Teresa =) said...

As someone who has done the EXACT same thing, I gotta go with you're a dope. But it's OK...accepting the problem is the first step to the cure!

Teresa =)

Julie said...

Its always the computers fault. Stupid computer!

Laura L. said...

I'm sure it must've been the computer! ;)

Carrie said...

hahaha I have done that but not 3 times!