Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Faced the Inevitable

Well, we tried to wait. Tried to put it off. Kept giving excuses. But finally bit the bullet today. After all, the big kids had the same experience at the same age.

Yep, we took the girls to Six Flags for the first time.

The double trouble duo has been to Disney in Florida, California, and Hong Kong but not Six Flags just thirty minutes away.

Guess we are sorry parents.

We bought our season tickets, downloaded at home, and trucked off to a day of wonderment.

Let me just say….our day started and ended with roller coasters. Yay for the mother figure of the family who detests such rides.

But we tossed in lots of other rides too including mom’s favorite….the log flume. Lines were short, crowds were minimal, and the day was beautiful.

Abby loved driving mom around…..I was ordered to sit in the backseat.

My attempt to get a picture of Anna Grace driving was cut to the quick by my crazy driver who kept jerking me from side to side…

Both girls wanted to ride…

which meant I had to go too.

I. Hate. This. Coaster. It's an out and back, wooden coaster with lots of hills and drops.

But I went for the sake of my children. Next time, someone needs to chicken out so I can be the martyr who can stay behind. Or, I need a big kid to go instead of me. 'Nuf said there....

Moving on...

C’mon already. Let’s get this started.

How high are we going?


Anna Grace wanted to try a loopin’ rollercoaster so we trekked our way to that part of the park. Abby said there was no way she was getting on it (yay for mom!) so we stayed behind and waited patiently.

Just a few minutes later, Anna Grace appeared in all smiles….

She survived the Mind Bender and loved it….which means that I cannot take her to the park without another big person since there is no way I am getting on it.

The funniest thing though??.

She called it the Mind Blender!

Hence the reason I will not ride it.


NeuroMama said...

Awesome. Love all the photos and all the fun. But, what happened to your plan to spend some quality spring break time on the sofa with a stack of books?!


day by day said...

Looks like fun!! Wow, Anna Grace is a brave little girl. lol! Your girls are so cute!!!

Julie said...

Looks like the girls had a lot of fun. I love roller coasters, I'll ride them with her! lol.