Thursday, May 5, 2011

Phi Mu Mothers and Daughters

Last Friday, I had a night alone, in a hotel room an hour from my house, with my Chick Fil-A dinner, chardonnay, and The Royal Wedding repeat.

Wow. What a concept.

Alone, in a hotel room, doing whatever I want.

Well, for two hours.

Then Katie showed up after work.

More wedding, chatting, catching up, until I crashed.

After all, I am old and she is not.

Up the next morning for the March of Dimes walk near her campus. You see, it was Mother/Daughter day at Phi Mu.

A 3.5 mile walk followed with lunch on campus.

My old, out of shape body and I were dreading the miles.

The first mile went by quickly.

Wow, I can do this.

Then miles two and three flew by.

Hmmm....I'm thinking we really didn't do 3.5 miles. After all, we finished the whole thing in under 40 minutes while casually walking.

But, it wasn't a race, they already had our money, so who cares if the miles were crunched. Seriously.

Pictures, visiting, and chatting ensued. After all, put a bunch of chicks together and what do you get??

Headed off to campus for a casual lunch and meet/greet of other sisters and moms.

It was wonderful to meet the girls Katie has talked about all well as some other moms!

Looking forward to the next Phi Mu Mother and Daughter day....

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