Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Save me from the madness....

Tonight’s before dinner conversation:

Me: Girls, do you want chicken nuggets or the (leftover) chicken from the oven?

Anna Grace: chicken nuggets

Abby: chicken

Me (heaving a big sigh): Abby, what kind of chicken? Chicken nuggets or chicken from the oven?

Abby: chicken

Me (now a tad exasperated): I gave you a choice. Chicken nuggets or chicken from the oven?

Abby: regular chicken

Me (said with a growl): What is regular chicken? Your choice is chicken nuggets or chicken from the oven.

Abby: chicken nuggets

Please excuse me now while I go beat my head against the wall.

Disclaimer: we don’t typically have choices regarding the dinner menu but when daddy is out of town and mommy is tired, all bets are off.

2 thoughts from friends:

Julie said...

Haha, she sounds like Malia. Your girls are adorable :)

Jboo said...

Funny!! My girl picks chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken ALL the time -- seriously, think she would eat that and BBQ chips for breakfast!

Happy Wednesday!