Friday, May 20, 2011

My Two "Old" Babies

This week has been hairy-scary.

This week has been hectic.

This week has brought many challenges both at home and school.

But this week also reminded me about two great kids.

It's the last two weeks of school, kids are crazy at school and home, meetings and decisions at school are pushing me over the edge, so I'm in a downward spiral.

And, of course, daddy is out of town.

Kid Number One to the rescue.

Katie didn't have to work the earlier part of this week so came home for a few nights. She picked the girls up at school, did hair, make-up, nails, and shower time.

I got to stay at school, work on my endless paperwork, and not have to worry about little people interferring...which, shockingly enough, they do quite often.

Tonight, I headed out to Alex's spring voice concert. The girlies didn't want to come so I planned on finding a sitter since Katie had to go back to school/work.

Let me tell you, Katie had a fit.

No random person was going to stay with her sisters.

Now, I have a list of co-workers who have teens who sit, but that wasn't good enough. Katie had to actually know the person.

So, she found a sitter for me. Her high school buddy and current roommate, the "other" Katie.

Enter Kid Number I went tonight to the aforementioned voice concert with school work in hand.....might as well start working on scheduling classes as long as I have the time, right?

Alex did not tell me what he was singing.....and he got to choose the piece. He just said, "some dumb song" but with more choice words.

Turns out, he learned a James Taylor song to surprise me.

So, in one week, one kid intervened when mom was losing it and found a cool babysitter.....

and the other chose to surprise mom with a song.

Pretty awesome week now that I think about it.

(Here is Alex tonight...the sound is a bit off at the beginning and the lighting is terrible....but you get the idea.)


Julie said...

Wow, your children are such sweethearts! And what a special surprise with the JT song. Alex did good :)

NeuroMama said...

So sweet!