Thursday, December 27, 2007

Abby's ears

I just took Abby to the doctor for a follow-up on her hearing. When she went in November (as per the speech therapist's recommendation), the tympanogram showed fluid in her ears. This could be the reason why her speech has been slow and sounds have been coming out "slushy". She took allergy meds for about a week, went off for a bit, then took cold meds just before Christmas. Anyhow, today's tympanogram showed completely normal hearing. There is no fluid anymore! So, her issue is likely a speech/articulation issue and not totally a medical one. Hopefully having the information stating there is no medical reason for her delay will allow us to speed her through the speech placement process.

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Carrie&Aaron said...

my two bio kids had speech therapy-they talked like they had marbles in their mouths and didn't put sentences together for some reason(language delay they said) both are great now but it was scary at first!