Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day and the aftermath

We hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends. Our day was relatively calm considering the kids were excited. No one was awake until 7:45 so we didn't have an early morning wake up. Whew. Once everyone was sugared up on doughnuts, the present opening began. Anna Grace and Abby received a playset of cleaning toys and tools, Disney stuff, Barbies and Barbie horses, movies, clothes, and books. I don't know what Santa was thinking since within an hour, our house was strewn with little pieces of stuff. Katie's big gift was a hair straightener and Alex's was a guitar---or so they thought. They also received Guitar Hero for the PS2 and spent the remainder of the day playing the games! Katie complained of a headache later in the day. Hmm, stare at a video game all day and that's what happens! We had some good friends over for a casual dinner last night and enjoyed hanging out, playing games, and eating. The kids all slept in late today. Since school starts on January 3, I guess they can enjoy a few more days of down time.

Before the onslaught!

Just look at all the little pieces! What was Santa thinking?

The first gift...

Anna Grace and Barbie

Abby's salon

Alex and Katie with Guitar Hero

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