Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Last Week of School

‘Tis the last week of school
and what do you hear?
The loud noises and shouts
as we all give a cheer!

The college kid is done
and home for the summer
Working long hours each day
which can be a big bummer.

But she finished freshman year
with out of sight grades.
Raise your hat off to her!
She’s got it made.

The sophomore is finished
with his thrilling year too.
Main focus was guitar
and driving our zoo.

Next goal is the license
to drive around town.
Just a few more safe days
‘til he’s out and around.

The first grader is happy
to end the school year.
So much was learned that
it’s oozing out of her ear.

She loves to read and to write
and to entertain all.
But quiet in class?
Maybe, just maybe, come fall.

Our last child leaves Pre-K....
way to make me feel old!
She’s had a great year
as I’ve clearly been told.

She’s ready for big school
and is counting the days
‘til kindergarten starts
and she heads on her way.

Last year brought changes
that made mommy cry.
But this year was better…
as I heave a big sigh.

So as summer arrives,
it’s time to sit back.
Take time to do nothing.
Go plan your attack.

Lounge in your jammies
and read a good book.
Go to the pool;
don’t take time to cook.

Do nothing but enjoy
the lazy summer days,
‘cause we know by August,
it will all be a haze.

Happy last days of school
to all of my friends.
A new year is awaiting us
right ‘round the bend!


Tara said...

that is great!! Only 3 more days!!

NeuroMama said...

Congrats on completing another academic year! Our school year isn't over until June 21. Ugh.


Margaret M said...

We still have 2 1/2 weeks left. Those snow days were great but this time of year I really regret them! Glad you are almost there!

Laura L. said...

I enjoy it when you write poems. I think the heart has to be happy to do that. :)