Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Era

Last night was Pre-K graduation for Abby. Considering the fact that she dislikes being in front of large groups, I wondered how she would do.

My fears were unfounded.

During the first song, I saw this….

and she continued to smile and sing the entire time.


Cap and gown time for diplomas was precious.

I just love this picture! My nephew said I need to save it and show it to her at college graduation. I just may do that.

Her teachers are the most amazingly awesome and patient people. Miss Jenn and Mrs. Pat must be since they’ve survived both my girls.

After ending the evening with cake,

we headed home to bed. Mommy was tired.

So after fifteen years of having kids in school, I can officially say……we have attended our last Pre-K graduation!

One would think I’d be sad. Or think of this as a bittersweet moment.


I was psyched!

Last year was sad with Katie graduating from high school and Anna Grace graduating from kindergarten. But this year?

Pure glee.

The kids are all growing older, becoming more independent, and turning into the people we, as parents, strive for.

But I will still be the oldest mom in their class.

Oh well.


Tara said...

love the cap and gown picture! Wish they did that with my boys when they were in pre-k.

I am with you... I am going to go from being one of the youngest moms in the class with the first 2 to being the oldest mom in the class with the last 2.

NeuroMama said...

Love the cap and gown photo too! I don't think schools around here do the whole pre-k or kindergarten commencement. I wish they did. What a great photo opp.

Is that how you know you're done adding kids to the family? Instead of sadness you just feel relief or happiness to know you're done with that particular event or chore? Because, I have felt that a bit about potty, maybe I'm done?

Laura L. said...

Miss Abby looks too adorable. Congratulations to her!
Yep, I'm the oldest mom for Jadyn's class too. Older and wiser. ;)

I want some of that cake.

Courtney said...

Congratulations to your little graduate!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Such gorgeous shots... I guess I have all this to look forward to :)

day by day said...

lol! I was really lucky this year in that I was not the oldest Pre-K mom for Ella's class....there were several moms with bigs and littles just like us! It was great!!

I also love the picture with the cap and gown....such a gorgeous color!

have a great week-end!!

Margaret M said...

I love the cap and gown picture. So cute!!! I am with you and have even called myself the 'older than dirt preschool Mom'. One more year and Graeme will be out of there! It is wonderful to see them become more independent! Hugs to you!