Monday, May 3, 2010

The Rain and Me

Rain. The wet stuff that falls from the sky.

I love a rainy day when I have nothing planned other than parking myself on the couch with a book. Ah, bliss.

I don’t love a rainy day when it involves thunderstorms. Who can sleep through all that racket?

Well, this morning, storms arrived. I tossed and turned but gave up trying to sleep. I dragged my sorry self out of bed even though it was earlier than usual.

Like 5:30 versus 5:40 is a huge difference…

But I digress.

As I stood in the shower listening to the thunder, watching the lightning, and thinking, “this is probably not very safe”, I heard a noise.

A loud noise.

The security alarm was blaring.

Not just the gentle beep beep beep of warning.

The sirens were going full blast.

Oh my.

I turned off the water, grabbed a towel to cover my soapy body, and ran across the tile floor.

Yes, the tile floor.

Let’s just say that I slid most of the way.

I deactivated the alarm, started breathing again, and desperately hoped that no one woke up during the very loud, blaring siren.

I was wrong. In walked Alex carrying a sobbing Anna Grace.

Well, rats.

A lovely start to a rainy Monday.


Turns out our phone line (and DSL) went out due to the weather. Since the security alarm is hooked to the phone line, I am guessing that’s what triggered the siren. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyhow.


Courtney said...

Not a great way to start a Monday, hopefully the rest of your day went better.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Glad that all is ok though...

NeuroMama said...

I can't believe you were taking a shower during an electrical storm! I won't even wash my hands or get water from the tap during a storm.

Teresa =) said...

Aren't you a teacher?? Shouldn't the title of this post be "The Rain and I"????


Teresa =)