Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cookie Thief

Each day is always unusual so why did I expect today to be any different?

We were almost at school when Alex realized he forgot the cookies he needed for his Chemistry assignment.


Being the sucker that I am, I said I would return home during the morning to pick them up. (note: I don’t typically do this but he needs all the points he can get in this class)

I arrived home around 9:15. Opened the door…..and the alarm did not go off.

Huh. I know I set it before leaving.

Took a quick glance at the island and realized the cookies were gone.

Another huh.

But the tv and computer were still there.

Who would come in the house and only steal cookies?

All kinds of possibilities went through my mind…..maybe a friend came by, or Katie.

No, all the friends are in school.

Called Katie….and woke her up. Wasn’t her.

Hmm, maybe the cookie thief is still in my house.

Set the alarm and left. But hung out in the driveway waiting to catch the thief trying to escape.

I then realized how dumb that was…..and went back in to search the house.

Which was equally as dumb but oh well.

No thief and no cookies.

I texted Alex at school to find out where he moved them…..yes, during class.

Waited, waited, waited, and finally heard back.

“I came home and got them when I was driving in driver’s ed. I didn’t get to tell you yet.”

Just another day in my life.


PS. And after all that, he forgot to turn in the written part of the assignment which means he gets no credit.

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Tara said...

that is great!! Not the part about no credit (sounds like something Conner would do) but the rest of it! How dare you text him while in class!! My child and I would NEVER do that (sarcasm).