Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Blues.....

The question of the week from Anna Grace: Who is the Easter Bunny?

I thought perhaps we were headed toward “the talk” but then she came up with her own answer.

The Easter Bunny is Santa Claus.

Guess he’s hard up for a job.


Easter morning dawned bright and early. But only one little girl appeared. Anna Grace really struggled to not go searching for eggs without her sister. She sure did scope them out though….biding her time.

And Abby appeared. Miserable, not talking, and not happy.

Uh oh.

Let the egg hunt begin.

Anna Grace took off like a shot. Abby slowly looked around, found a few, and gave up.

Mommy and Anna Grace finished up the hunt.

Within minutes we learned the reason why Abs did not want to search for eggs.

Tummy virus. Poor baby.

We plopped her on the couch and regrouped. No church for her.

Anna Grace donned her new dress though and was ready to hit the road.

Katie was home with us too…

And a rare photo of mom…

Alex was given the choice to go to church or stay home with his sister who may throw up on him.

He chose to stay home.

Go figure.

But he had strict instructions to not play with fire while we were gone.


Carrie said...

Poor Baby! Hope she is better soon!

Margaret M said...

I hope she feels better soon! I love the rare pic with Mom...Gorgeous!

Laura L. said...

So sorry, I hope Abby will be better soon and that NO ONE else gets the virus.
We can certainly identify with you guys. What a different sort of Easter. Seemed like a boring day. Oh well. This too shall pass. Jadyn is already feeling much better.

I know everyone will be so ready to kick all this illness to the curb.

By the way, I do love your photos. :)

JShannon said...

Awe, I hope Abby feels better today. And I hope that no one else gets it. Poor baby.

JShannon said...

And I have a confession to make. I don't why but I always thought the woman on the far left side (blond hair)on your blog header was YOU ! lol.