Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ever have a day like this???

Oh my, where do I start? Yesterday about did me in. I left school early for a change. Ran to the grocery store to get a few things for a dinner. Soccer was cancelled due to rain so we were actually all home to eat. What a concept!

We get home and the girls are immediately asking to play playdough, color, play a game, have a snack, whatever. I haven't even put away the groceries yet nor put down my things from school!! You can wait. So wait they did. Eventually I gave them whatever they wanted whereupon Anna Grace decided she wanted a juice box. These are kept outside in the garage in a produce drawer. Don't ask why. It's just how things work around here. Anyhow, AG got her juice and proceeded to yell at Abby to come close the drawer for her. Uh, why? I can't do it myself. (insert lots of whining and crying).

Suffice it to say she did go close that drawer by herself although she was very displeased to partake in that adventure. She then turned to Abby and called her stupid which in our house is on the level of a four letter word. Again, not a happy child when mommy was done fussing at her. Lots of crying once again. Yeah for mom. And we'd only been home for 15 minutes.

So things are plugging along after the AG meltdown when Anna took Abby's bunny away from her. You would think the world had come to a screeching halt by the way she screamed. Abby has crying issues. There is no middle ground. She is either whimpering or downright wailing like someone has cut off her arm. It drives me crazy! In this case, the wailing was uncalled for since the issue was so minor. But she is famous for going from 0-60 in one second flat. Let's try using words. Learn to yell at your sister without all the whining and crying. Her answer to that, "no way" (she didn't really say that but it was in her reaction). She stopped fussing but refused to ask for anything.

Now AG is calm and asking for something. Beats me what it was but at least things were sort of quiet. I turned to help Anna Grace when I heard Abby spit at me. Not really spit but the sound you make when you make your lips go "brrr" together. The raspberry. Got the idea? Oh, did that make mommy mad. Again, another round of crying. By this time, we'd been home a whole 20 minutes. I should have left them at daycare longer, huh?

Both girls finally calm down and begin to color when Alex announces he needs to make a cake for school for tomorrow. Excuse me? Thanks for letting me know. In his defense, he did mention this to me the night before BUT if it is not written down, I will NOT remember to purchase the needed items. So, I had just been to the grocery store and now I have to go back out again. I am not happy now.

Fine Alex, what do you need? He decided to make a cookie cake. The project (for biology) was to make a cell using food. Read: excuse for the end of the nine weeks party. But I digress. Okay, I have everything I need except for chocolate chips. That is now added to a shopping list.

Me: What else do you need?

A: Nothing.

Me: Are you sure?

A: Well, I have to have frosting too.

Me: How much? What kinds? What colors?

A: I don't know. More than one.

Me: You need to find out how much so we know what to buy. (very exasperated voice by now)

He pulls out his assignment sheet and checks over the requirements. He needs six different colors of frosting.

Yeah for me. Okay, will the frosting need to cover the whole cookie? Yes, was the answer. So I add frosting to the list even though we already have some at home. I figure we'll use food coloring to make the various colors needed. I am picturing mounds of frosting to indicate cell stuff (whatever that may be).

Me: What else do you have to do?

A: Label all my parts.

Me: With what?

A: Paper and toothpicks. Do we have any?

Good grief. By now I am about to lose my mind.

We finally create a list whereupon Katie volunteers to go to the store for me. Thank you so much. Whew.

Alex begins the cookie dough while she is gone so all he has to do is add the chips once she is home. Cool. Sounds easy enough.

She returns and the dough is done. We put the whole thing on a pizza pan to create a round shape as needed for the cell.

A little while later, I smell burning from the oven. The cookie has overflowed the pizza pan and is now dripping onto my once clean oven. I am beyond irritated (or fill in your choice of wording). All I can do now is let it overflow until it's done cooking and then try and clean up the aftermath.

Dave walks in around now and asks about my afternoon. Keep in mind I hadn't been home more than and hour and a half. I fill him in. He looks at me in disbelief and says,

"And you aren't drinking yet?"

(my apologies to my non-drinking buddies!!!)

Post note: after all that, he really only needed a few mounds of colored frosting to complete the project. So now we have two whole unopened containers of white frosting as well as an opened white and chocolate. Party anyone??

And, yes, I had a drink made. Diet coke and.......... :-)


Ashley and Mike said...

Missy, I want to call my good friend JD over to my glass just to share in your misery....hmm, actually I may just do that! I can be a very supportive friend :)

Sounds like a terrible day. The "s" word is BAD NEWS in our house too. Harrison even corrects people in public....especially when they say the "h" word - hate. Another big bad one.

I definately think we can get together this weekend. I may be alone because I think Harrison as a b-day party in the mtns. (Hopefully not because I really want him to meet the girls and you). Also, want to take my step-dad to the air show, but I can definately squeeze in some time.

Mike is on the way home from work ---- we think we have it bad, I don't even want to tell you what horrible crime he dealt with all day. :( I will check with him about weekend plans and see if we can set something up.

Hope we can meet! I'll check back soon or email you.

Denise said...

Ever have a day like that? Hmmm, let me think... does a bear poo in the woods??? (My newest saying, I know completely lame.) If I didn't know better I would say that you came to my house one day and stole our "script."

As for the drinking, shame on you! (wink, wink) I'm saluting my Margarita glass to ya right now. Tonight was "Cinderella" Part 2!

Laura L. said...

Yes, I have had days like that.
I even remember 2 of our kids having to make a cell with food.
Then there are those times when one of the kids would suddenly say something like, "Oh yeah mom, I said I'd bring cupcakes in the morning."
There's a blog I read and she has a post about a really bad day. Here's the link.

Carrie said...

yeah I don't drink but I would so want a drink after that day! you poor thing!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh Laura. That post was amazing. Talk about a bad day!!

wingepr said...

Sounds like a very well deserved diet coke and ?????

How is the hair situation?

Kristin said...

Denise, I just now got the "Cinderella" part two reference. I am a little slow today. And how did it go??

Oh and the hair situation? Katie is very pleased with her color job today. It is light golden brown but a bit darker than I expected. She has been out shopping all day but once I can get her to stand still long enough for a picture, I will do it. Wish I had the before/after effect but there is no way she would have allowed that. :-)