Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

Okay! This is good timing because I was feeling a bit down in the dumps today.

So here goes!
Rule 1: Teresa from Continuing the Journey tagged me! She is a busy working mom to three amazing kids! Although Miss Molly is still in China, she'll be home very soon. :-)

(I was also tagged by Peggy at Life With Grace and Amie at Heart Smiles so this is a three for one deal!! I am not going to post 21 random things about myself. I'm not that interesting!)

Rule 2: Seven random facts about myself. Huh. What should I say? Well,......

1. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in January 1967 at the Tripler Army Hospital. Anyone else there at the same time? And yes, that makes me 41---approaching 42.

2. My family was military so I am not from any one place. When people ask, "where are you from?", I don't have an answer. I moved every 2-3 years as I was growing up. Others I know moved much more than that! We lived in Hawaii, South Carolina, California, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania (twice), and Virginia by the time I was 16.

A funny thing from ninth grade in Virginia: there was a boy in my French I class that was in my kindergarten class in California. Wild, huh?

3. I broke both my arms at the same time when I was in the 3rd grade. Lesson to learn: don't jump off the swings. It took the doctors/x-ray techs a few days to figure out that both arms were broken. Only one hurt so they treated the other as a sprain. Once it was officially figured out, I had to be put under so they could re-break my bones to set them. Yes, what fun. I had casts on both arms for 8 weeks. Problem was it was May-July. Yippee.

4. Like Teresa's "needing to have the labels all face the same way", I am like that about money. Not that I usually have a lot or anything. :-) But when I do, each bill needs to be facing the same direction. This comes from working at a local Hallmark store in high school where the owner wanted the bills placed in the drawer all the same way.

5. I met Dave at Lock Haven University (in PA) in September 1985. I decided to join Army ROTC to spite my dad---who was a career Naval Officer. Yes, I was one of those kids. Anyhow, I met Dave within 3 weeks of being in ROTC. We've been together ever since. I did not continue with ROTC past the first semester. After all, I'd already snagged my officer. :-) Nah, it just wasn't what I wanted. Dave continued in the program and graduated as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. My dad actually gave the keynote address at his commissioning. My dad also commissioned Dave as a 2nd LT in the Army (ie: had him take his oath as an officer in the US Army).

6. I majored in Early Childhood Education and was able to student teach at Rhein Main Air Force Base in Frankfurt, Germany. Our university had a travel abroad program which included teaching at DOD schools. Pretty cool! So my best friend and I spent 3 months in Europe student teaching and traveling. We stayed at many youth hostels, traveled on many trains, and had an overall great trip. She met an Air Force pilot while we were there and ended up marrying him a few years later!!!

7. When Dave and I got married in July 1989, we immediately moved to Vidalia, GA. Ever heard of the Vidalia onion? If so, this is there they are born and bred. Let me tell you, May in Vidalia is quite a smelly month. You can walk out your door to get the paper and immediately smell onions. This is the picking season. Whew. Problem with Vidalia was that it was in the middle of nowhere. Heck, the kids I taught about 20 miles away came "to town" (ie. Vidalia) on the weekends for fun. Oh my. I can't tell you how many trips we made to Savannah (1.5 hours away) just to be near civilization!! Great people though, just not much in the way of entertainment for those used to being near big cities.

Rule 3: Now to tag my 7 people!! I had a hard time picking my 7 but here you go. I tag:
1. Laura from A Joyful Family
2. Peggy from Life with Grace
3. Ashley from A Legacy of Hope
4. Carrie from Adopting Again
5. Julie from The Primrose Princesses
6. April from Mei Mei Journal II
7. Karen from Mom2My4

Rule 4: And finally, I will let all of the above ladies know as soon as my hyper, naughty, yet sweet girls are in bed!!!! Off to the bathtub. :-)


Denise said...

How fun! You had funner things then I did! Thanks for sharing, oh and my naughty kids NEED to go to bed but I still have another hour with them.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I stopped by to let you know that you have been tagged.. but someone beat me to it!!LOL!


Michelle said...

Fun to learn more about you!!

Wendy said...

May may be a smelly month, but aren't those sweet Vidalias good?!?

W. Brannen
Vidalia Onion Comm

wingepr said...

Well I was gonna say Tag!



tarita said...

Just popped over from my blog to say hey. After reading your tag I find that we have much in common other than our beautiful families.

My dad was career Navy, I married a career Navy man. We moved every 2 to 3 years with my dad. Hey we lived in VA and actually I do with my family now.

My parents live in Swainsboro GA just down the road from Vidalia. Love those onions:)

Have a great day!

Carrie said...

I will get to It I promise! thanks for the tag- I like to do things like this!

jiangxigirls said...

I so get number four! I am exactly the same way with my money -- from working at Burger King and a bank! Drives me nuts! Now I have my hubby doing this too!

art said...

Kristen -
My husband usually says, "I'm a military brat, but most of my family is from OK." For the longest time I couldn't understand not having a home, but after 13.5 years as a military wife I think I am finally getting it:-) It is funny to know think that Nathan & Addison will answer the question the same way.