Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Ordinary Days

It's been a long few days around my house. I am still in shock and mourning over the loss of MJ. My thoughts and prayers continue to go to her family.

I decided today that I needed to bring some light into my day so refreshed my memory on Denise's post about not feeling quite up to par as others. It seems that others lead such perfect lives while the rest of us are not quite there. This is all theory of course. :-) But I want to make all my readers feel better when they realize I am just as ordinary as others.

Well, let me share my night. You'll be feeling much happier about your own lives, I'm sure. :-)

I left school at 4pm (after a long day with a bunch of rambunctious 5 year olds) and promptly received a call from both big kids asking where I was and what my plans were before going home. Suffice it to say, they wanted mom to go buy them stuff. Okay, we arranged for me to swing by and pick up Katie to head to Wal-Mart-----------my favorite place in the whole wide world (NOT!). I got the little ones, ran home, picked up Katie in the driveway (no one got out of the car which caused other issues), and headed to the store. We got two shopping carts though which made Anna Grace and Abby both happy campers.

We did the usual pick up of shampoo, saline, tylenol, and stuff. Then I headed for the Brita water filter aisle while Katie headed toward scrapbook things (school project).

The Brita story: Our fridge has the water and ice in the door. But about a month ago, it stopped giving us water and ice. We get nothing. What kind of deal is that??? It still makes ice but won't hand it over. All righty then. We haven't had time to call someone to see about it. Our tap water is okay but not great. I am tired of running through expensive water bottles so decided to buy a Brita water pitcher (which we used to own but I tossed when we got this great fridge which filters water----ahem). I was trying to clean out and downsize!!

Anyhow, we bought our stuff (including tacos for dinner----always a hit) and headed home. I unpacked and found out the Brita was missing its lid. Yippee for me. Do I head back to Wal-Mart now or wait until later tonight? I opt for now. I will be in my jammies later and didn't think Wal-Mart would appreciate it.

When I realized I was missing parts to the water pitcher, the little ones were fighting like cats and dogs. I told AG she had to come with me (she was crying the loudest---and is usually the instigator). We headed back to Wal-Mart. Thank goodness it's only 2 miles away. Yes, I could have waited. But I wanted water! And, I needed to separate the girls before I lost my mind.

I ended up buying a Pur water filter. We'll see how it goes. As long as I can drink water, I will be happy.

Flash forward to dinner: things were somewhat peachy keen although it was very loud. You'd think with four kids it wouldn't be that bad but when two of them are five and under, all bets are off. We experienced yelling, silliness, playing around, spilling food/plates, and everything else during dinner. What else is new?

So it's now 9:30. One kid is watching TV, one is on the computer, and two are (cross your fingers) are asleep.

I will tell it like it is. No sugar coating here. Life is not perfectly perfect no matter what we might think.

Happy weekend to all my usual, typical, crazy, silly, normal, friends of mine. If you are a new visitor or poster, welcome! I love to see new people visit my crazy yet normal life. And I love to read about others who lead the same ordinary, mundane, boring days as I. :-)

Leave a comment or email me. I would love to add you to my blogroll. :-)


Denise said...

Kristin, are you sure you didn't sneak over to my house today and secretly record our day? It wasn't exactly like that but the over all theme is there. LOL

I love me kids more than life itself but some days....

Michelle said...

Hi Kristin! Your days sound a lot like mine! When the big ones call me or come to find me....they generally are looking for $ or for me to buy them something. lol!

Have a great Friday!!!!

Kate said...

Wanted to come out and say hi. I just recently "found" your blog and I like to come visit. I sometimes wonder how others seem so put together on their blogs and what I am not doing that makes my life so crazy (though I have enough kids to blame almost everything on!) but have decided I really wouldn't want to change a thing and that most families are probably just like min. Hugs to you and hopefully today will be peaceful... HA! On Halloween. Yeah, right. Maybe the next day.

Kristin said...

Welcome! I am glad you found me. I checked out your blog earlier but haven't had time to stay long. I will be back!!!