Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abby Turns 4!

Abigail Jane Yutao turned four today! She woke up not very thrilled to be awake. Katie kept telling her "happy birthday!" but Abby basically ignored her. But on the way to school, she woke up enough and realized what was special about today. So all the way there I heard, "Mommy, I'm four! It's my birthday!"

Actually, since she can't say the /f/ sound, she said she was "hore" but you get the idea. :-)

She took ice cream cups in to school to share for snack time. It was a big hit with the 3-4 year old crowd. Whew. Would hate to be the cause of a bummed out birthday!

When I picked her up, she was excited to come home, open presents, and eat her cake.

"After dinnner, mommy. Not for snack." What a good girl. :-)

It just crossed my mind that I never took a picture of the cake but it was Cinderella for those who really wanted to know. I know you were on the edge of your seats just waiting to find out! She wanted a Cars cake (she calls it race cars) but Katie talked her out of it. Got to do the princess thing you know.

Here are a few scenes from the afternoon:

The big kids were in a silly mood so my attempts at a photo of all four of them was somewhat of a disaster....

After all those shots, of which I spared you a lot, this was the best...


tarita said...

What a wonderful 4th birthday. We have found the more children we have the harder it is to take a decent photo.
Happy Birthday Abby.

Carrie said...

wow happy birthday Abby- Tarita said it right I can't get these kids to stay still of a good picture!

wingepr said...

Happy Birthday Abby!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Abby!!!! She is very close in age to my girls. Ella will be 4 next month.

Hope she had an extra special day...looks like she did!!!!

Denise said...

Happy belated birthday Abby!!! Glad that she had a fun day but sorry that Daddy missed it.